Klaviyo Email Marketing Product Updates: August 2022

Klaviyo Email Marketing Product Updates: August 2022

Yesterday, one of our favourite ESPs, Klaviyo announced their August product updates.

This blog will give a quick spin-through of all Klaviyo's latest features. The update has been brought in to help email marketers save time, make better-informed decisions and create more hyper-personalised experiences - what more could you want?

The four main product updates announced are...

  • A new campaign performance report 
  • Easier ways to highlight your best and worse performing flows 
  • A new email editor 
  • Have more control over your forms 

Let's take a look at what's new...

A new campaign performance report


Klaviyo's most recent update allows email marketers to report on how individual consumer segments respond and engage with specific campaigns. 

The new campaign report includes engagement and conversion metrics specific to each segment you create in Klaviyo. The report then allows you to see what campaigns are performing best with certain segment groups. For email marketers, this is a game-changer. It means you can adjust your strategy and make better-informed decisions about what email campaigns you send to them in the future.

It allows you to save time by pinpointing what campaigns previously have performed poorly and only engage with segments in a way that will appeal to them. This epic update is going to be utilised by everyone, we're sure. 

Highlight your best and worse performing flows using benchmarks 


Another super simple one, but so important. Klaviyo's new August update has made it easier to spot your strongest and weakest performing flows using benchmarks. This new update allows you to closely monitor all your flow performances - meaning you can compare your flow's performance to companies similar to yours! 

This new feature is super easy to set up and allows you to view the performance of individual flows or group flows such as your welcome series or browse abandonment.

You can also monitor the performance of your flows in comparison to companies that use the same flow types as you. This new update allows you to easily spot areas of opportunity or areas of improvement in regard to your flow performance. 

A simpler email editor 


Klaviyo's new email editor makes designing emails and campaigns simpler than ever! The update allows you to switch to the new editor with one simple button with no rebuilding needed - this is super handy.

Although the new editor is making designing easier, you still have complete access to all of Klaviyo's advanced features.

Have more control over your forms 

Ensure your forms are in the right place, at the right time

Klaviyo's new update allows you to max out engagement on your website sign-up forms. The update gives email marketers more control over when and how forms are triggered on their website - yippee!

Email marketers, you can now make sure Klaviyo's JavaScript has identified customers before displaying a form and instead use custom triggers to display forms personalised just for them - this will make your customer feel that extra bit more special. As we all know personalisation is the name of the email game and Klaviyo's new feature has just ramped this right up. 

Have more control over when forms are displayed on your website 


Last but definitely not least, with this update, you can now have further control over who sees your forms with one simple button. 

You can now customise exactly when a customer will see your sign-up form, how often it shows up throughout their browsing period, and what segment it appears to. Klaviyo is now giving you the option to display your forms when all selected rules are met or when any of the selected rules are met - this makes it so much easier to increase or decrease the audience seeing your signup forms. 

Wrap Up

Klaviyo's August updates are epic upgrades to their platform. We hope these updates make it easier to create more personalised experiences for your customers and help you save time and make better decisions using your customer data. 

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Our team of email marketing consultants are here to help you today

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