50 Inspiring GDPR Repermissioning Email Campaigns

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Get inspired the range of different approaches to email marketing repermissioning!

Editors note: April 14th, 2020:

We put this guide together for email marketers to help you to understand and develop your own GDPR email campaigns. This guide remains popular with our visitors, so we're keeping it here for you to enjoy. Whilst the guide was intended for email marketers to prepare your own GDPR repermissioning email campaigns at the time of The GDPR being implemented, this is still getting over 50 downloads per month, so we've left it here for you to browse. Please consider this when reviewing the creative examples we are sharing within this guide.

Should you have any GDPR-specific questions, you can direct those to us here.

This guide was put together by highly-respected email marketing expert and lead email strategist at Enchant Agency, Philip Storey. If you would like to get advice about any challenges you're experiencing with email marketing, arrange a free consulting session now!

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