9 Effective Father’s Day Campaigns Across Email & Social

Posted by Philip Storey on 17/05/19 12:26
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Father's Day marketing campaigns

Like other seasonal engagement opportunities throughout the marketing calendar, Father's Day gives retailers the chance to promote appetising offers, seasonal social posts, engaging emails, (in this case) daddy-friendly discounts and bag loads of FOMO.

We take a look at some great examples of innovative and visually-engaging Father's Day marketing campaigns.

Looking for Father's Day email marketing examples? We've collated over 30 of our favourite designs, which you can download for free here.

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Seasonal subject lines and persuasive copywriting

Here's some examples for email marketers looking to add urgency to seasonal email subject lines and use persuasive copywriting to encourage opens and offer conversions:


Who said flowers are just for girls? The online florist flips the idea that flowers are purely a Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gift on its head, with the email template header: "After something different this year for Father's Day?" The subject line and preview text is direct and full of urgency: 

  • Subject line: Father’s Day is this Sunday. Order Today
  • Pre-text header: ­Order now to avoid disappointment this Father’s Day. Gifts from £11.99…

Father's Day email campaign eflorist

Beer Hawk

What about something more traditionally manly? Beer. What more could dads want, eh? Well, beer brands are going all out this year with visual impact and persuasive copywriting. Beer Hawk's subject line contains an emoji promoting urgency, whilst the copy in the email content is playful and full of FOMO (fear of missing out) and nudges – check it out!

  • Subject line: Father’s Day is nearly here 
  • Pre-text header: Get Dad’s gift sorted with beer delivered to your door!

Father's Day email campaign Beer Hawk


Stuck wondering what to get for your dad? Well, subscription services are great at presenting the answer: a big discount on annual subscriptions! And who doesn't want the gift that keeps on giving? Especially if it includes a sweetener for the person buying the gift:

  • Subject line: Limited time Father’s Day offer – Save £50 on a Tastecard membership!
  • Pre-text header: Treat yourself to a year or discounts for you and Dad! Don’t delay, buy today and receive in time for Father’s Day!



Visual impact

If you want to encourage consumers to part with their cash with your brand during seasonal marketing opportunities, such as Father's Day, it takes more than a bit of clever copywriting. You want to make an impression with your palette and deliver some big visual impact, just like the examples below:

Continuing the beer theme, up-and-coming Welsh brewers Tiny Rebel are all about colour and vibrant design. Their graffiti-style logo and packaging really create a splash with colour and visual appeal. What dad worth his salt wouldn't want this lot?

 tiny rebel father's day instagram.png


And back to Beer Hawk, this sponsored Instagram post below uses some of the beer brands with similarly vibrant package design to Tiny Rebel, including Brewdog and Camden Town Brewery, whilst including a decent money-off deal and a relevant discount code:

Father's Day sponsored instagram post Beer Hawk


On Facebook, Beer Hawk used video content, which featured "dad" opening up the gift pack of beer and picking through the cans. Video is a popular and hugely effective medium for paid social ads.

Instagram is a great channel for start-ups, SMEs and local businesses, especially when it comes to visual content. A common social media marketing trend on Instagram is product display posts. This social content, which is popular with clothing brands and food & drink retailers, is authentic, easy to create and visually appealing. Check out this example from Beer ShopHertfordshire:

Father's Day Instagram campaign Beer Shop Hitchin


Here's a similar example from chocolatiers Green and Blacks. This paid social campaign on Instagram is a mouth-watering and authentic unboxing product display, showing the chocolate out of the box, out of the wrapper and ready to be devoured:

Fathers-day-sponsored instagram-campaign-green-and-blacks.png


Snackable ideas and tips

Got a large catalogue of relevant products and want to tantalise customers with choice? Here are a couple of email marketing examples from brands presenting customers with a range of options, handy tips and options for the different type of dads out there:


Father's Day email campaign Next


The Slice by Metro


Wrap Up

We hope you take away inspiration from these examples for your next seasonal marketing campaigns. Try to engage customers with playful and persuasive copywriting, deliver a punch of powerful visual impact and provide authenticity and value. Remember, you're appealing to customer emotions and providing incentives to take actions, but you're also trying to solve a problem.

Looking for Father's Day email marketing examples? We've collated over 30 of our favourite designs, which you can download for free here.

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