10 Signs That You Could Benefit From an Email Marketing Agency

10 Signs That You Could Benefit From an Email Marketing Agency

It's only when you take a step back and assess your overall email strategy that you can see where you could improve your email marketing processes and rethink your approach. Whether your marketing team just needs a push in the right direction or you've got limited resources to make the most out of the channel, you may be in need of an email agency to help drive your email marketing forward. Here are 10 signs that you could benefit from an email marketing agency.

1. Your email marketing results have plateaued 

It’s a common problem for marketers and it’s usually because nothing has changed for long time. Successful marketing strategies are agile ones. As effective email marketers know, strategies need to be refreshed, refined and updated, due to ever-evolving subscriber lists, changing trends and new innovations.

Email marketing agencies can manage your performance and analytics and make those crucial tweaks to create an uplift.

You don't really do email marketing, but know you should

Why not hire an email agency to help you figure this out? They can help you implement a great strategy and start seeing results. The likelihood is you’ve not dipped your feet in yet with email marketing due to a lack of time, resources or expertise. Let the experts get you started and you’ll soon see the impact and ROI!

3. You're doing email marketing, but there's no roadmap

If you’ve not got a clearly-defined email marketing strategy in place, you're set-up to fail. Email marketing the perfect channel for nurturing customer relationships and keeping subscribers engaging throughout their customer journeys. Let an email marketing agency step in and implement a roadmap and enhance your customer lifecycle.

4. You don't have dedicated staff for email marketing

In start-ups and small businesses, marketing teams can often include a lot of plate spinning and duel responsibilities. You may not have a dedicated email marketing resource and your email activities may be divvied up across various members of your marketing team. This is not an ideal situation and having an external consulting voice can help to focus your email strategy.

5. Your team are struggling to find the time

Similar to the previous indicator, this again usually applies to small businesses with limited resources for email marketing activities. It may be the case that you have time to create the content, but it’s the design, delivery or measurement which is suffering. An email agency could take responsibility for one or more of the areas of email marketing you're struggling with or advise you on tools to save you time.

6. Email automation is relatively unexplored

You know how much impact you can create with email marketing automation but you've not fully explored it. This is a common issue and is often down to a combination of time and caution.

The technology and tools that are available to marketers is now incredible. Most ESPs have great automation tools and there are some specialist automation platforms out there to choose from too.

An email agency can help you choose the right marketing automation solution for your business and even help you implement it with the best strategy and tactics.

7. Your automation strategy is not working

As effective as email marketing automation can be, a third of brands struggle to achieve effectiveness and ROI. Enchant's CEO wrote the following about email automation in the Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census:

Automation is such a big opportunity in email, but many marketers aren't able to take full advantage of the long-term targeting and nurturing capabilities of email marketing automation solutions. Work with a specialist or marketing automation agency to get the best results.

8. You've not refreshed your strategy for some time

Without regular testing and analysis, you won't find the cracks in your email marketing strategy until it's too late. Optimisation and behaviour-based targeting is crucial to success with email. If you don't keep refreshing your strategy, your subscribers will switch off. Email agencies can monitor your performance and analyse your stratgey to help make the neccessary tweaks to create impact.

9. Email marketing is already successful for your business

This is a common trap to fall into. If you invested a small amount of your budget into improving email marketing, your return on investment should be achieved quickly. It doesn't have to stop there. Don't slip into that set-it-and-forget-it mindset, as your email marketing strategy will stagnate. Be proactive and seek to continously improve. Email consultants can keep you ahead of the curve. 

10. Deep down, you just know you could do better

You may have a good marketing team and generally produce strong email content. But in marketing, you can't stand still and there's always room for improvement. An email marketing agency can help take your email performance to the next level and turn a good email strategy into a great one!

Wrap up

There's a good chance one or more of these applies to you and your business and it's worth considering the different ways an email marketing agency can help you improve your email marketing performance, both for short-term projects or long-term strategic support.

Enchant is a leading UK digital marketing agency. Our team of specialist consultants enable brands to reach their potential across a range of digital marketing channels, including email marketing, paid social advertising and inbound marketing, focusing on the customer lifecycle. Why not arrange a chat with our lead email marketing consultant and CEO, Philip Storey, and see how we can help improve your email marketing fast!

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

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