Developing an email marketing strategy that enables you to stand out from competitors and get close to prospects and customers, can be tricky. With Enchant's team, comprised of some of the most talented and experienced email marketers in the world, you're in great hands.

Our strategies focus on surprising and delighting customers to create an email marketing experience that feels wholly personal and relevant. Based on decades of combined research and expertise, our team are proud of their deep understanding of user behaviours and we translate that knowledge directly into your marketing campaigns.

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How does it work?

We believe in putting your customers' needs first. Simply, this not only drives the strongest results for your email marketing, but it feels great too. We work closely with you to create a customer-centric email marketing strategy that's simple to execute and creates a great impact, and fast.

Bringing your marketing channels closer than ever before...

To create a consistent experience for your customers, it’s important to focus on the customer lifecycle. When we create an email marketing strategy for you, we review your entire strategy across the customer lifecycle. This allows us to integrate your email marketing seamlessly with other channels, helping to improve your overall marketing ROI and the experience your customers receive, wherever they may choose to meet you next time.

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