Making a Difference: How the Enchant Team are Helping Those That Need it Most

Making a Difference: How the Enchant Team are Helping Those That Need it Most

Alongside our work in marketing and helping people be the best version of themselves, the team at Enchant are trying to help make a positive impact in the world.It's great to see what impact can be created in communities that are truly in need, which is what we're witnessing with our chosen charity, Humanitas.

This inspiring charity are really making a difference in some of the poorest communitiesand we're proud to be a part of the positive work they're doing.

How we are helping...

In partnering with Humanitas, we support them both with the funding we provide and our ongoing involvement in their projects.We recently pledged key funding that will help replace medical equipment for childen at Safe Homes in Romania, whilst we were also able to fund new school uniforms and text books for an underprivileged school in Ghana that Humanitas is enabling to function.

This is just the beginning of our relationship and how we're helping. Next up, is a project where Philip Storey, Enchant's Founder & CEO will travel to Ghana to help set up a permafarm.

Humanitas' ongoing funding needs

However, Humanitas' work relies on continued support and funding to keep helping those that need it most. Here's an overview of the funding needs of the charity for their key projects in Romania and Ghana:

Safe Homes project in Romania

Humanitas' focus for fundraising is on securing donations, so that it can continue to care for the sixteen children living in their Safe Homes and ensure that they have access to the physiotherapy that they desperately need.

Since the media spotlight on the Romanian orphanages has moved on, there's been a drop in the number of trust and statutory funders who are focused on giving to Romania, but the children who suffered the consequences of living in the orphanages are still in Humanitas' care. These young people need donations from individuals and companies to help us support their future.

Read more about Humanitas' Safe Homes project:

Education Matters project in Ghana

Humanitas' primary school now teaches 160 children living in the remote village of Ayensuako in Ghana, a big leap from the 52 children three years ago!This project has been very successful and the ultimate aim is to replicate this model in other villages in Ghana, where the families can’t afford to send their children to the state schools many miles away.

Here's a look at the school in Ayensuako before...

And the school now!

However, Humanitas needs the funding sources in place to secure the long-term future for this school before pushing ahead!

Read more about Humanitas' Education Matters project in Ghana:

Or listen to Perfect's story:

What is the impact?

So, what is the impact of the funding and what tangible difference can significant donations make? Here's a breakdown of what different funding sizes can provide for those in need:

  • £455 – will fund the annual costs of replacing the medical equipment used by children in Romanian Safe Homes, e.g. splints, orthopedic shoes, etc.
  • £650 – will fund the annual cost of providing new and replacement school uniforms for all of the children in Humanitas' school in Ghana. 
  • £1,020 – will fund the annual salary of one of Humanitas' three primary school teachers in Ghana.
  • £1,035 – will fund the monthly cost of running Humanitas' Therapy Centre for orphaned and disabled children in Romania.
  • £2,000 – will fund the monthly cost of running their Safe Homes including the foster carers' salaries, food for the children and general upkeep.

As you can see, key donations from individuals and organisation really do make a big difference! Read more about how you could get involved:

A word from the founder

Sarah Wade,Humanitas CEO and Co Founder, spoke of the importance of support from UK businesses and individual donors, to enable the charity's crucial work overseas, in some of the most underprivileged countries and communities:

"We're extremely grateful to the support that Enchant Agency provides to Humanitas. Everything we do is down to our loyal supporters and as we continue to help those in need, we're aware that our achievements would be impossible if we weren't working alongside people such as Enchant.Our work relies on donations and support from UK individuals, companies and organisations. Together we are impacting rural and marginalised communities across the globe by providing education, health care and family support."

We're continually inspired by the work that Humanitas does and we are proud of our partnership with the charity, where 100% of donations goes directly into running these projects and helping provide better quality of life for these communities in need.

Find out how you can make an impact...

Want to know more about how to get involved with these projects and partner up with Humanitas? Read more here:

If you want to learn about how your funding and donations make a direct impact, this shortShop For Humanityexplainer walks your through the scheme:

Find out more about Humanitas:

Learn more about Enchant Agency:

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