20 Horrifyingly Good Halloween Email Creative Examples

20 Horrifyingly Good Halloween Email Creative Examples

BOO! Are you looking for some creative email inspiration for your Halloween marketing campaigns? Halloween is a seasonal event which lends itself well to creativity, due to the wide range of spooky iconography associated with fright night. We've cast our spell and conjured up 20 horrifyingly good email creative design examples to help inspire your Halloween campaigns...


Why we like it: This email without a doubt, will catch a reader's attention. Betty's uses visually appealing images, clear CTA buttons and includes recipes to get subscribers inspired. 




Blue Apron 

Why we like it: This email is super simple but so effective. The copy leaves subscribers in no doubt that if they don't act now, they are going to miss out on a spooktacular deal. The CTA has also been positioned at the bottom of the email, forcing subscribers to scroll down through the email - we don't recommend this, because this is the first time that you see the offer. Moving this button above the fold would help improve performance. 




Why we like it: Casetify has added an extra Halloween touch to its discount code - BOO15. The discount code is also very simple, and easy to remember while keeping in the Halloween theme. We also like how a sense of urgency is created by the copy "limited time offer". It leaves subscribers in no doubt that if they don't act now, they are going to miss out.



Dunkin' Donuts 

Why we like it: Dunkin' Donuts gives subscribers the chance to select their own 'Halloween treat' by offering multiple spin-chilling offers making them feel more valued by the brand.



Fortum & Mason 

Why we like it: This Fortum & Mason campaign includes lots of useful content for Halloween lovers with links to everything a subscriber might need to transform their home into a haunted house. 




Why we like it: We really like how Framebridge has connected Halloween to its products. Framebridge uses nostalgia in its email as the brand's products are associated with family memories. We also like that Framebridge uses scarcity to encourage action by stating that the offer ends Tuesday. 



Getting Personal 

Why we like it: This email creates a subtle sense of urgency by reminding customers not to let Halloween creep up on them. The email has also been designed so that the CTA is directly below - this makes it very easy for subscribers to take action.




Why we like it: This email campaign is super clean and we wouldn't expect anything less from GlossyBox. Although the colour palette used isn't the traditional Halloween orange and black, they have used a slightly darker pink which creates a mysterious feeling. GlossyBox has designed the email very well to fit in with the Halloween theme while still appealing to their target customer. They have made a Halloween-themed email look pretty!




Why we like it: Harry's has used this Halloween email campaign as a fang-tastic way to share the unique qualities of their products. We also like that the primary element of the email isn't a sale; it's a trial - this is more valuable to subscribers as Harry's is giving them something rather than asking them to make a purchase. 



Holland and Barrett

Why we like it: There is a lot to love about this email campaign! Firstly, Holland & Barrett changed their name to 'Horror & Barrett' - this is such a simple change but works so well. We also like how this email campaign intrigues subscribers by not telling them what their exclusive saving is until they reveal it by clicking on the pumpkin adding a bit of interaction to the email. And finally, adding a countdown timer adds a sense of urgency to the campaign. 



Jack Threads

Why we like it: Jack Threads has designed its Halloween offer copy in a way that looks like bones - this is super effective. We also like that Jack Threads has taken a humorous approach to their Halloween email marketing with their CTA "clothe your bones" - it's the simple things like this that really resonate with subscribers. The use of the orange font also makes the CTA really stand out to subscribers. 



Lands' End 

Why we like it: Lands' End has incorporated its product offering into the campaign in a very clever way. They have made folded clothing look like a ghost and a moon. We also like how the campaign contains another subtle Halloween reference with the 31% discount - with Halloween being on the 31st of October. 



Land O'Lake

Why we like it: Land O'Lake has thought of a creative way their products can help their subscribers celebrate Halloween and showcased this in their email campaign - simple but super effective!




Why we like it: Lush has put their brand at the front of subscriber's minds by simply showing them a selection of products that fit the Halloween theme. Not all brands need to offer discounts to drive sales - this is very clever. 




Why we like it: Modcloth has used Halloween-themed puns throughout the whole of its email to add humour to its Halloween marketing. 



Pretty Little Thing 

Why we like it: There is lots to like about this email! Firstly, we like the colour palette that PLT has chosen throughout the email instead of the traditional orange and black, they have chosen colours that keep in line with their brand. The email also intrigues customers into the campaign with a mystery discount meaning subscribers have to click on the CTA to unlock their offer. 



Premier Inn

Why we like it: Although Premier Inn doesn't directly relate to Halloween, they aren't inactive throughout this holiday. The brand has used Halloween-related colours and graphics throughout its email to visually engage subscribers. The email also includes 3 clear CTAs, which makes it easy for subscribers to take action. 



Too Faced 

Why we like it: Too Faced hasn't followed the traditional Halloween aesthetics, but instead, their email turns the concept of trick-and-treating around and makes it all about you. This email is a nice reminder to treat yourself every now and then.




Why we like it: Uber doesn't offer any products, especially Halloween ones. But this email is a great way to get involved with the holiday season. Uber also offers a discount code which subscribers can share with their loved ones to TREAT them this Halloween. 




Why we like it: This email intrigues customers into the campaign with a mystery coupon. Subscribers have to click on the website and enter the code to find out how much they can save. Subscribers usually don't like working hard for an offer, but Halloween is a great time for tricks. 



Wrap Up

Try to utilise some of these elements and tactics in your own Halloween email marketing campaigns. Click-worthy calls to action, bold offers that reflect real value, enticing incentives and engaging visuals, will all contribute to a winning seasonal campaign that converts. Don’t be afraid to be creative - that’s what will help you stand out from all the other pumpkins! 

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