Introducing Klaviyo One: Klaviyo's New Product Launch

Introducing Klaviyo One: Klaviyo's New Product Launch

Big news: Last week we were given a sneak-peek into Klaviyo's new enterprise product offering which went live on June 23rd. Introducing, Klaviyo One

This blog outlines Klaviyo One's epic new features. We'll share how their new product can deliver success and support to email marketers. 

Marketers tend to work with platforms that are overly complex, expensive and lack the data integrations that they need to do a great job. This means that brands are not able to deliver personalisation at scale. Klaviyo One seeks to address this problem.

Together with Klaviyo, we're stoked to present a new solution for personalising every customer experience with real-time data. Welcome to Klaviyo One! 

Klaviyo describe their new platform as an all-in-one solution for managing customer data and delivering epic personalised experiences at scale. Klaviyo One can be integrated across email, SMS and more helping brands take ownership of their customer data which in turn delivers supercharged relationships. For marketers, this translates directly into increased ROI.

Here's why we are excited about Klaviyo One...

Klaviyo One is a CDP

Klaviyo One incorporates a CDP (customer data platform) that stores and analyses customer data from anywhere, at any time.

The CDP includes: 

  • One-click integrations - this allows you to easily move customer data across all systems and software used within your business
  • Custom integrations
  • Unified 360 profiles - these profiles give you a live feed of customer movement across all channels
  • Multi-dimensional best-in-class segmentation - highly detailed segmentation that allows you to go beyond basic targeting
  • Website tracking
  • Webhooks - allowing brands to transfer data between platforms in real-time
  • Subscriber acquisition - sign-up forms and popups 

Experience features

Klaviyo One includes a customer experience automation engine, helping brands create individual customer journeys based on real-time engagement across channels. These experience features include:

  • Social advertising 
  • Multi-step onsite forms 
  • Extensible pre-built automation - there are many epic pre-built, fully customisable templates and flows to choose from
  • Drag and drop templates 
  • Cloned flows/templates - this is an awesome feature to ensure brand consistency. 
  • Webhook inflows

Learning features

Klaviyo One displays what works and what doesn't, as well as help marketers make smarter  decisions. The learning features include:

  • Cross-channel revenue attribution - this clearly outlines how each individual marketing campaign contributes to your overall revenue. 
  • Peer benchmarking - see how your campaigns compare to your competitors 
  • Smart send time
  • Subject line assistant 
  • Predictive analytics enable dynamic segmentation 

Wrap up

Wondering if you should evaluate Klaviyo One? Well firstly, we think that all of Klaviyo's products are super awesome, so we know this new product launch will be no different. Klaviyo One is perfect for ambitious brands that are looking to deliver personalised communication at scale, acquire new customers and use data to drive revenue. 

We want to congratulate Klaviyo on launching another epic product. We are so excited to try it out and we are sure our customers will love it too! Email marketers, if you are evaluating your email tech stack and struggle with personalisation at scale, be sure to check out Klaviyo One. 

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