Klaviyo New Features: Spring Release 2023

Klaviyo New Features: Spring Release 2023

Recently, one of our favourite ESPs, Klaviyo announced new features we can look forward to using in their spring release. This blog will outline all of the new platform improvements to help email marketers save time and avoid future headaches.

The new features include: 

  • Mobile push notifications (currently open beta)
  • Flow page redesign
  • Criteo integration
  • SMS Disclosure in Signup forms
  • Generating SMS Subscribe links
  • New Campaign Deliverability Tab
  • New Campaign List View

Let's jump in...

Mobile Push Notifications

Key new features include:
  • With no additional costs to the user, mobile push notifications now include Android apps, sending deep links to a certain page within the application
  • Mobile push notifications have the ability to notify subscribers about limited time offers and can also welcome new subscribers with a message
  • Data including platforms (ios or android) and activity are held under the profile section
  • Those with an existing profile via Email/SMS will combine with push profile
  • You can create segments using the ‘if someone has a push token’ rule
  • You can drag and drop push notifications into flows
  • You can send a campaign to push segments
  • It's a similar editor to that used in SMS – but it has an editable title. It also supports emojis and deep link, plus notification sounds

Push notifications

Flow Page Redesign

  • You can now choose the conversion metrics you want to see performance data for, which means that you can now see overall flow placed order revenue performance, sort flows by live and draft and see channels that your flows are sending on
  • You can also now sort by status and channels

New Flow Page

Criteo Integration

  • Criteo are a display ad company. You can sync Klaviyo data into Criteo to create advertising audiences and retarget existing customers with ads.
  • This feature is activated within Criteo, NOT Klaviyo
  • The segments you want to sync need to be tagged in Klaviyo

Criteo integration

SMS Disclosure In Signup Forms

  • SMS disclosure language (privacy terms of service) in sign-up forms is needed to be compliant
  • This new feature can save time with an easy drag and drop block instead of rewriting it
  • There's also an option to create a new existing term of service or link to an existing page
  • URLs provided during setup will display within the form
  • You can create a default SMS disclosure copy in SMS settings and revert to that within a form if needed. This needs to be updated in each form if default copy changes

SMS Disclosure

Generating SMS Subscribe links

  • You can generate a sharable link that when tapped, signs someone up to SMS marketing and you can include a link in your social media campaigns
  • You can create a subscribe link in SMS settings
  • Anyone being sent the link on desktop can be directed to a subscribe web page 
  • SMS users will receive a generated message in their default messaging app that they can send to signup to SMS marketing 


Campaign Deliverability Tab

  • There is a new tab in the campaign reports tab to show more deliverability data, which means that you can identify opportunities to increase deliverability and spam performance.
  • Recommendations will appear in a ‘Needs Attention’ space when a metric is at a poor performing level
  • Data can be found within a specific campaign report
  • Data includes: opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe rate, spam complaint rates
  • You can filter performance by inbox provider e.g Gmail vs Yahoo
  • You can also filter performance by email client (what device is performing best)
  • Deliverability tab

New Campaign List View

  • There's a new campaign calendar view, which means no more scrolling through lists of campaigns! It allows for a more visual way to see what's going on regarding campaign sends in the past and in the future.
  • You can also create a campaign directly in the calendar
  • Calendars contain UK and US Holidays
  • Every column in the list view is now sortable
  • Multichannel icons and A/B test icons are now visible
  • You can see coloured status text
  • There are hover previews of campaigns, which gives a great sneak peek at subject lines, etc
  • There's also a new filter view, which includes push
  • Push is now included in create campaign workflow

Campaigg calendar view

Wrap Up

Klaviyo's new features in their Spring release will save you valuable time when creating and editing campaigns. With the ability to drag and drop push notifications into flows, an easy to use drag and drop block in SMS disclosure in signup forms and the ability to create a subscribe link in SMS settings, you'll see speedy editing and duplication of your campaigns.

You can now also sort campaigns effectively and see campaigns intuitively with the new calendar view. Retargeting existing customers with ads has never been easier, with the new Criteo integration feature and you can analyse and improve the deliverability of your data, identifying new opportunities to increase campaign performance. Check out our service, where we where we explain how best to train your team to achieve better results!

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Our team of email marketing consultants are here to help you today

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