Klaviyo Product Updates: May 2022

Klaviyo Product Updates: May 2022

This week, one of our favourite ESPs, Klaviyo announced their May product updates. This blog will outline all of the new platform improvements to help email marketers save time and avoid future headaches.

The three product updates announced are... 

  • Learn fast and build better: customisable dashboards
  • New ways to stay compliant, organised and strategic 
  • Integrations to amplify customer loyalty and retention

Let's jump in...

Learn fast and build better 

Customisable dashboards

Klaviyo's most recent product update allows email marketers to view the KPIs most important to your business. They understand that analysing data is distinctive, which is why the dashboard is completely customisable, making it unique to you and your brand. This is a great improvement.

The dashboard integrates the most important KPIs into a single location, allowing you to find all of your crucial metrics in one click. This is going to be utilised by everyone, we're sure.

This update also allows you to customise the view of core metrics for both email and SMS. This will help answer common questions and identify where the key growth opportunities are. Sounds simple, and it really is! 

Unified search functionality across ecosystems 

Klaviyo has made it easier to navigate the resources needed to provide relevant responses to customers. The new product update has connected the search functionality across Klaviyo's ecosystems - Klaviyo academy, the community forum, the developer portal and their help centre.

For email marketers, this is a game-changer. It means you can spend less time searching and more time on those important email campaigns. Super handy. 

New ways to stay compliant, organised and strategic

Manage & configure tracking with OneTrust/CookiePro compatibility 

We all know staying up to date with regulations is difficult. Klaviyo is making this easier for their customers. 

Their tracking function is super easy to set up and allows you to feel superhero confident that you are complying. It's also free to get started which is always a bonus!

Funnel your email and SMS subscribers 

Another super simple one, but so important. Splitting your email and SMS subs into different lists. This update is effortless but crucial to communicate with your customers on the right channel. Small change, but hugely welcome. 

Integrations to amplify customer loyalty and retention

Klaviyo has added 2 new integrations that will help shake up your post-purchase experience. 

Use post-purchase data to segment and send tailored messages 

Klaviyo's customers can now segment their customers using post-purchase data from the Narvar integration. This is here to help email marketers create more personalised messages, unique to your customers' orders - yippee! We all know how powerful personalisation in email is - this makes this so much easier with post-purchase data. 

Use return data to enhance segmentation

Last but not least, with these integration updates you can now segment your post-purchase audience way more easily using customer return data. Communicating to customers using their return data makes it feel like they are receiving a 1:1 experience. 

Wrap up:

Klaviyo's May updates are a powerful upgrade to their platform! The customisable dashboards have been in need and they're finally here. This will make performance analysis faster and easier. We hope these updates make it easier to create experiences your customers want and drive revenue. 

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Our team of email marketing consultants are here to help you today

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