15 Inspiring Father's Day Email Marketing Campaign Examples

15 Inspiring Father's Day Email Marketing Campaign Examples

Father's Day is fast approaching on the 19th June 2022 and it's always an interesting time of year to see what email marketing campaigns brands produce. In this blog, we take a look back at previous Father's Day email campaigns with 15 of our favourite examples from retailers all over the world. 











Jack Daniel's

Father's Day Jack Daniel's email

We love how Jack Daniel's personalise their email creative. What we really love about this email, is the copy. OK, it's a little long in places, but it's rare that we see brands really invest in their words, and their language with email campaigns. Spend time on your copy this Father's Day. It could be the one thing that propels your campaigns forward. 

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion email marketing

This email is so simple and inspiring. A classic 60s photograph of a little girl with her father, followed with products. We've long been a fan of Matches' email marketing and this campaign is as good as everything else they produce in their CRM team.


Etsy fathers email marketing

This example from Etsy shows how simple product inspiration can be shaped around Fathers' Day emails. This email is all about categories and inspiring. Remember, email campaigns can be broad - they are a bridge to your site, so don't feel under pressure to cram all of your products into the email. 

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers emails

This campaign is from 2020 and was one of our favourites. It's not your typical Father's Day email campaign - it's directed at Fathers and is designed to inspire Dads to celebrate and treat themselves. 

Saxx Underwear Co

Saxx Underwear Email Marketing Father's Day

First up is this example from Saxx Underwear Co. It's simple, cramming 7 products into the main hero block, keeping it rich but clean in design. The copy is great too - 'support' being a product feature as well as supporting the man who supported you - it's a nicely executed campaign. 

Interestingly, they chose to place the navi' above the logo - this isn't something we've seen often in the past, but there is likely to be a good reason for this (I bet it gets a ton of clicks)...

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Email Marketing examples fathers day

This Father's Day email example from Ralph Lauren is a really simple, broad campaign that is designed to generate awareness and interest. It does a great job of not trying to be overly complex and just trusts the website to do the heavy lifting around interest and conversion. I particularly like the secondary section that explores matching father and son outfits. 

Kate Spade

Kate Spade fathers day email

I really like this approach from Kate Spade. Kate Spade is the womenswear side of the business, and this campaign introduces Jack Spade, the menswear side of the business. they do this in a really simple, playful way which illustrates the range of categories on offer. Nice and simple, yet super effective.


Boden fathers day email

We all know Boden well in email marketing circles as being exceptional at email marketing. They always look to go the extra mile and I really look forward to seeing their approach to Father's Day email campaigns. They go with a simple, generic theme which works well. It's a very single-minded message and serves well as a nudge or reminder. Nice work, Boden!

Bella Italia

Bella Italia fathers day email

Who does want a free meal? I love this campaign from Bella Italia. They offer a free meal for Dad on Father's Day. They sent this campaign out through email, direct mail and social channels with great effect. Have a think - what could you offer Dad through your email marketing campaigns this Father's Day to create an exceptional opportunity for the wider business?


Ocado fathers day email

Ocado always do well with seasonal campaigns and this is up there with one of my favourite Ocado email campaigns from all the way back in 2013. They really go to town with Father's Day, offering recipes, gift options, experiences and more. It's a really nice guide and goes way beyond just ticking the Father's Day email campaign box.

What could you do as a brand with your email campaign to take it to the next level this Father's Day? Start with Ultimate Guide to Father's Day Email Marketing. It has over 30 examples of great Father's Day Email Marketing.

Any questions, just get in touch with us. Looking to take email marketing to the next level? Get in touch with our team of email heroes to discuss your plans.

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