How to Use Email Marketing Automation to Increase Website Traffic

How to Use Email Marketing Automation to Increase Website Traffic

Often (wrongly) perceived by business owners as an expensive solution, email marketing automation is a powerful tool to take your email strategy to the next level and drive significant traffic to your website and landing pages.

Push aside caution over the cost of investing in automation, as the ROI potential is huge! We've outlined 4 key tips for using marketing automation to increase your website traffic:

Enhance your customer lifecycle

Have you got a customer lifecycle map in place for your business? Mapping out your customer lifecycle is a crucial part of any successful email marketing strategy, as it pinpoints the engagement opportunities along customer journeys for sending relevant email content to your subscribers. Automation can be the driver for these strategic interactions, as the technology allows you to send out targeted emails to subscribers at the right times, without investing large amounts of time and resources to the process. 

Here is an example customer lifecycle map:

Target subscribers according to behavioural triggers

Marketing automation enables you to send out targeted emails to different segments within your subscriber list, according to pre-set behavioural triggers. Audience research and analysis of your subscriber behaviours requires time, as does setting up behavioural triggers, which will segment and target your subscribers with relevant, tailored content. However, once you’ve put in the groundwork, your automation tool will remove the heavy lifting and do the hard work for you!

REMEMBER: Don’t just set and forget it. You’ll need to regularly monitor your targeted email performance and use the insights to tweak the automated triggers to optimise and refine your automation process.

Automatically add personalisation

Although automation and personalisation sound like opposing forces, they're actually closely entwined. Personalisation in ecommerce and social media is driven by algorithms that read online behaviours and feed relevant content to users and browsers. The same theory applies when automating personalisation in email.

Dynamic content pulls information from data fields and drops them into email templates to enhance the tailored email experience. See example from Netflix below:

Think of automation as the ultimate lead nurturing tool

Email marketing is the best channel for nurturing customer relationships, as subscribers have opted in for your marketing content and your interactions aren't affected by algorithms that hinder engagements on social channels. Email automation can create a big impact on customer retention, as interactions are better tailored to subscriber needs and preferences.

According to Campaign Monitor, just a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 75% increase in profitability.

Automation boosts customer retention and helps drive more website traffic, leads and profits, ensuring high ROI. In the 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census conducted by Econsultancy (in partnership with Adestra), those surveyed revealed marketing automation capabilities to be the top attribute sought from email technology providers. See graph below:

Wrap up

Automation can be a powerful tool for your business, as it enhances your customer lifecycle and email marketing strategy with minimal pressure on resources. There are affordable marketing automation solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, so start benefiting from its impact on customer retention and website traffic.

Did you find this useful? Find out more about using automation to grow your business by downloading our 10 effective strategies to grow your business through marketing automation for free now!

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