How To Craft Email Marketing CTAs That Drive Engagement

How To Craft Email Marketing CTAs That Drive Engagement

Are your email campaigns yearning for a touch of magic that will skyrocket click rates and engagement? Prepare to unlock the secrets of an advanced Call to Action (CTA) strategy to infuse your emails with irresistible charm and conversion-driving power. In this post, you will learn how to create designs that capture your audience's attention and get the results you deserve from email marketing.

1. Leverage optional CTAs for different landing pages

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach! Guide your audience with optional CTAs that signpost subscribers to various landing pages. Imagine providing a personalised tour where every path leads to a unique experience. It's like having multiple secret passages that cater to different preferences, enhancing user experience.

On Running employs a strategic approach by utilising optional CTAs to expertly guide customers towards landing pages that align precisely with their preferences. This approach ensures that customers are exclusively presented with products that genuinely pique their interests and resonate with their needs as soon as they land on their website.

Brand: On Running

Optional CTAs that direct you to different landing pages


2. Balance primary and secondary CTAs

Enhance your email layout with a  prominently featured primary CTA that commands attention, akin to a spotlight on a stage. Complement with thoughtfully positioned secondary CTAs, suggesting alternative actions. This simple design delivers a fluid user experience that stimulates clicks.

The email below is an excellent illustration of Netflix's adept use of more vibrant colours for primary CTAs, effectively guiding their audience's gaze towards the central focal point of the email.

Brand: Netflix

Clear primary and secondary CTAs


3. Be in tune with your brand

Picture your CTA as a melody that resonates with your brand's rhythm. Inject a playful twist into your CTAs through language that reflects your brand's personality. Imagine the CTA as a witty punchline in an ongoing conversation – Subscribers will recognise your voice in their inbox, encouraging them to engage.

Tiny Homes adeptly demonstrates effective execution in the email showcased below. The strategically placed 'Get cozy' CTA aligns seamlessly with the brand's tone of voice, compelling customers to engage by creating a comforting and resonant connection with the brand.

Brand: Tiny Homes

Playful and descriptive

4. Craft sale category CTAs

Unleash the allure of special sale category CTAs that ooze irresistible charm. Like a siren's call, these CTAs entice subscribers with exclusive offers, leading them into a world of limited-time discounts and tantalising deals.

John Lewis adeptly employs this strategy in the email featured below. By having CTAs that direct recipients to sub-categories of the sale, subscribers are instantly presented with the sale products they desire. Streamline the purchasing process with minimal clicks required from email to checkout.

Brand: John Lewis

Sale category CTAs


5. Sign-post sub category CTAs

Imagine your email as a bustling city and your CTAs as helpful road signs. Enhance navigation by using sub-category CTAs that lead to pages on your website. It's like guiding subscribers through a bustling marketplace, ensuring they don't miss any hidden gems you offer.

The example below was taken from a Yeti email. It's an excellent demonstration of effective sign-posting, allowing subscribers to browse sub-categories of their coolers within the email.

Brand: Yeti

More sign-posting to CTAs that provide sub-category options for links


6. Paint with words: The descriptive CTA canvas

Wrap your CTAs in vivid descriptions that evoke curiosity and anticipation. Imagine the CTA as a tantalising preview, inviting readers to uncover the full story. A descriptive CTA sets the stage for a click-worthy journey, just as a captivating book cover beckons you to explore its pages.

Peloton and Axel Arigato effectively use descriptive CTAs to entice subscribers to click through to their websites.

Brand: Peloton



Brand: Axel Arigato

Descriptive 1

Key takeaways

  • Implement optional CTAs for personalised journeys
  • Balance primary and secondary CTAs for user-friendly interactions
  • Infuse CTAs with your brand's personality
  • Craft alluring sale category CTAs for exclusive offers
  • Guide your audience with sub-category CTAs for seamless navigation
  • Elevate your CTAs with descriptive language that sparks curiosity

What's next

It's time to charm, engage, and conquer with your newfound CTA mastery. Let the clicks roll in, and watch your email campaign engagement skyrocket.

These examples are just the start. The next step is to refine your email designs and hone your copy to fit your brand. Need some help with that? Speak to our team today.

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Our team of email marketing consultants are here to help you today

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