ECCO's High Street Email Marketing List Growth Strategy Unpicked

ECCO's High Street Email Marketing List Growth Strategy Unpicked

ECCO, the iconic footwear brand, effortlessly supercharged their email list growth with this simple tactic. Prepare to be amazed, as we dissect their genius strategy - one that goes beyond the digital realm and delves into the heart of retail. But why should you care? What if I told you there's a goldmine of insights waiting for you, promising to transform your email marketing list growth game? Intrigued? Let's unravel the secrets!

In the fast-paced world of email marketing, ECCO has taken a stride that sets them apart from their competitors - melding the digital with the physical to cultivate a highly effective email list growth strategy. So, grab your notepad and let's explore the captivating journey from shop windows to customer inboxes.

1. Shop Window Temptation

Imagine you're entering an ECCO store and out of the corner of your eye, you spot a poster beckoning you to join their email list in return for an instant reward. That's where it begins - a strategic allure for potential subscribers.

ECCO's shop window

2. The Offer: £10 Off Awaits

A closer look reveals the offer: "Sign up for our newsletter today and enjoy £10 off!". It's not just the offer, it's the seamless QR code integration that elevates the experience. With a quick scan, customers are whisked away to a sign-up landing page, ready to unlock savings.


3. Navigating the Landing: A Seamless Customer Journey

Curious about the customer's transition from scanning the QR code to claiming their reward? Well, there are no intricate forms, no unnecessary questions - just a hassle-free form. The magic lies in the ease: within 30 seconds, the customer has completed the form and subscribed.

ECCO's Landing Page

Benefits Unveiled for Marketers

Now, let's talk turkey. What's in it for you, the marketer? Beyond typical email list growth, ECCO's strategy gathers precise sign-up data that standard website pop-up forms can't provide. Here's the lowdown:

Hyper-Personalised with Retail Insights: Imagine crafting campaigns that resonate with customers' in-store preferences. ECCO's method ensures your customer profiles boast not just email preferences but also valuable retail data, giving your campaigns an unprecedented edge.

Targeted Segmentation for Precision Marketing: When a customer scans a QR code in-store, it enables you to gather valuable data, including the specific QR code used and the store where it was scanned. This allows you to segment these subscribers, delivering targeted campaigns. Whether it's promoting new arrivals, exclusive in-store events, or tailored offers, you're now armed with a laser-focused approach.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: By tapping into the in-person experience, ECCO's strategy nurtures a deeper connection with customers. It's not just about sending emails; it's about crafting experiences that seamlessly blend online and offline interactions.

Implementing Retail Capture

Start by strategically placing data capture points in your retail spaces. Be it eye-catching posters, till-side prompts, or delightful cards in shopping bags—every touchpoint is an opportunity. The key? Make it irresistible

Next Level URL Tracking

ECCO sets a brilliant example of utilising URL tracking with the link the customer follows once they scan the in-store QR code:[…]m_campaign=retailsignup&utm_content=qr_pos_signupECCO_Cambridge

This URL not only captures the store location but also pinpoints the specific QR code scanned. Also, ECCO adds the source designation as "retail" to the customer profile upon creation, once the sign-up form is completed. This approach exemplifies how a brand can seamlessly weave an omnichannel strategy into its email marketing, ensuring a unified and consistent customer experience. ECCO's Marketers can glean valuable insights to deliver highly personalised emails to these subscribers about events and offers happening in the customer's closest store. This is a fantastic example of how a brand can collect accurate geographic consumer data to deliver a more tailored experience to their audience.

The ECCO list growth campaign seems to be global

Whilst we were out and about in Berlin this week, we noticed ECCO stores with the sign-up campaign present there in retail:

ECCO Berlin store, Alexanderplatz

Wrap Up

As simple as this might seem, keep in mind that it's more than just building an email list. It's forging a powerful link between the online and offline space and ensuring that the customer only has one experience with the brand in all channels. The data insights you can gain are invaluable, and it's a super effective email list growth strategy you can implement without a huge budget.

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