How Brands are Innovating with Dynamic and Live Content in Email Marketing

How Brands are Innovating with Dynamic and Live Content in Email Marketing

Retail brands deliver dynamic emails to subscribers, using smart email marketing tools, displaying different content in email campaigns to different recipients. Dynamic emails can be crafted with rich data, which takes into account behavioural segments and consumer engagement.

The key benefit of dynamic content in emails is to personalise and customise the experience, increasing the chance of subscribers making a purchase.

Providing relevant content will make your brand more trustworthy and kick start the conversion process. According to “56% of people unsubscribed from emails due to content that’s no longer relevant” and “relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.”

Here are 4 retail brands leading the way with dynamic emails and live content.

1. easyJet - emotional anniversary stories

About the campaign: To celebrate their 20th birthday, easyJet looked at customer data and found information about customers’ journeys with them over the years.

How this brand used dynamic content: easyJet created entirely personalised emails with dynamic copy, images and links to tell the story of each customer. This included, their first flight, facts about their travel behaviour, as well as personal recommendations 

Results: This campaign had open rates of over 100% more than that of the average easyJet newsletter and 25% higher click through rates. The brand also saw a positive response on social media, with more than 1.1 million impressions and hundreds of customers posting about receiving their story.

dynamic content easyJet email marketing campaign

Case study from

2. HostelWorld with past purchase emails

About the campaign: HostelWorld ran a reengagement campaign that used past purchasing behavior, unique to each of its customers. 

How this brand used dynamic content: HostelWorld used dynamic content in the hero image to address the last time the customer had used its services. The marketers also personalised the email with the name of the individual and mentioned a reason to come back.

dynamic email content from

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3. Sony Playstation with cross-selling and up-selling

About the campaign: Sony created an email campaign designed to cross-sell and up-sell the Playstation Vita to existing PlayStation Plus and Inside Playstation Vita subscribers. This was also marketed to P3 owners belonging to the PlayStation Network. This email was sent out the month before Christmas.

How this brand used dynamic content: Sony tailored emails based on geography and customer segments. With PlayStation Plus subscribers, it focused on the additional space they would gain with downloadable content. With the PS3 users, it focused on the cross-play features of the PS Vita and PS3.

There were also special deals given regionally. For example, in Europe and the Gulf states they received email vouchers, whereas in other areas they were given online Amazon voucher codes.


  • The campaign went to an audience of 4.2m in 16 different markets
  • Out of the 1.1m people who opened or clicked the email, 9,236 connected a Vita console
  • The investment for this campaign was €5,000, with a ROI of 580x for each euro spent.

dynamic email content from Sony Playstation

Case study from Econsultancy.

4. The Diamond Store with a live countdown

About the campaign: The Diamond Store wanted to make its Black Friday campaign standout in its subscribers’ inboxes. The brand did this by creating a sense of urgency around its 24-hour sale and to try and increase the number of email-driven conversions.

How this brand used dynamic content: This brand used a live countdown clock to create excitement around their 24-hour sale. The Diamond Store achieved this by using Adestra Partner RealTime Email. They kept a bold and simple design, with the clock updating at the time of open. There was also a reminder email sent four hours before the end of the sale to create even more urgency and FOMO [link].

Results: Compared to the performance of other ‘big sale’ campaigns (without the timer), The Diamond Store saw 171% higher click-to-open rate and also 400% higher conversion rate!

dyanmic email content from the Diamond Store

Summary: become an email innovator with dynamic content

Increase the relevance of your email marketing campaigns to each individual subscriber, by using dynamic content persuasion tactics. This is one of the easiest ways to get an increase in click-throughs and build the relationship you have with that subscriber. Through dynamic content, you’ll retain more customers, drive more conversions and establish stronger loyalty.

If you want more great tactics and top brand inspiration, check out our guide to the Secret Email Marketing Strategies from Top Retail Brands.

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