Why Multichannel Digital Messaging is the Future of Email Marketing

Why Multichannel Digital Messaging is the Future of Email Marketing

If you're still finalising your multichannel digital messaging strategy for the year ahead, this blog will guide you in approaching each channel. We'll explore effective ways to engage your audience at different touch points. So, without further ado, let's dive in.

First off, let’s define multichannel digital messaging

Multichannel digital messaging refers to the approach of utilising multiple digital communication channels to engage customers and potential customers. We define this as:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push
  • WhatsApp
  • Social
  • In-app
  • In-browser

Why now?

Over the past year we have seen some huge advancements in what is possible with digital messaging beyond email, SMS and push. We are waving goodbye to the stressful times of trying to orchestrate a handful of siloed channels and tools, towards a cohesive single conversation with prospects and customers across all digital messaging channels. It is now possible to create multichannel messaging strategies using just one platform and connect with customers at the moments that matter most. These developments have enabled marketers to manage customer engagement more effectively at every stage of the customer lifecycle, tying together email, SMS, WhatsApp, content cards and mobile & web push. This is the evolution of email marketing into multichannel digital messaging.

Multichannel campaigns

When planning a multichannel messaging strategy, although every channel must align to reach the same goal, it’s crucial to understand that not every channel is suitable for certain types of content, as outlined briefly below:


  • Newsletter: Regular updates and curated content for subscribers.

  • Product launches: Unveiling new offerings and creating buzz among your audience.

  • Promotion and sales: Exclusive deals and limited-time offers to drive conversions.

  • Blog posts and shareable content: Share valuable insights, industry trends, and content worth spreading.

  • Milestones and updates: Celebrating achievements, company news, and keeping your subscribers in the loop.

SMS & WhatsApp

  • Early sale Access: Exclusive access to sales for early-bird/VIP customers.

  • Limited-time promotions: Last-minute and time-sensitive offers to drive immediate engagement.

  • Event reminders: Timely alerts for upcoming events, fostering attendance and participation.

  • VIP discount program: Special discounts and perks for loyal customers in your VIP program.

  • SMS-only channel perks: Exclusive benefits and promotions are available only through SMS channels.

Content cards

  • Easy onboarding: Break down a lengthy tour into easily digestible steps for a simplified customer introduction

  • Unobtrusive updates: Nudge customers to explore the latest additions on your website or discover the exciting new features of your app

  • Unmissable offers: Deliver personalised offers at the perfect moment to convert customers. 

Mobile & web push

  • App-exclusive promos: Special promotions accessible only through the mobile app

  • Reminder to take in-app action: Encouraging users to engage with specific features or complete actions within the app

  • App-only channel perks: Exclusive benefits and rewards for users who engage with your brand through the app

  • Exclusive in-app product drop: Launch new products exclusively within the app, creating a sense of exclusivity and excitement

What makes multichannel messaging so special?

The ability to consolidate all of your channels into one cohesive strategy will:

  1. Improve the customer experience and brand sentiment (this brand doesn't bombard me with the same message everywhere)
  2. Increase conversion-to-touch rate, meaning that you're
  3. Improve conversion rate generally, due to being more targeted with the channel you are using to target your message (instead of a blanket approach across all digital messaging channels you have consent to send for)
  4. Potentially reduce operational costs, because your volumes should be significantly lower in each channel
  5. Be more environmentally friendly, because you


  1. It also simplifies designing the customer experience, detailing their journey from start to finish, all within the same hub. These platforms also offer a smarter way to harness your customer data, providing real-time updates that enable you to connect with every customer on a personal level. 

Wrap up

The way customers want to interact with their favourite brands is changing. They now expect highly personalised content delivered at various touch points during their customer journey. Marketing suites understand this and are beginning to offer consolidated tech stacks under one roof to help marketers meet their customers' needs. Finding the right platform for your brand can feel daunting, with many options to choose between. Check out this blog, where we break down our top 10 ESPs.

Looking to elevate your email marketing game this year? Contact our email heroes today for expert guidance on how to craft your mutlichannel messaging this year.

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

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