5 Great Examples of Effective Paid Social Ads in the Fashion Industry

Posted by Philip Storey on 04/11/16 16:20
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Facebook has long been a leading channel for paid social activity, with brands tailoring and targeting users, according to behavioural triggers, whilst promoting their key content or boosting their best performing organic posts. Other social channels are falling in line and enabling businesses more opportunities to promote their brand and products, as the necessity for paid campaigns increases.

Clothing brands are seeing paid social as a powerful way to showcase their products and new ranges, whilst driving conversions and revenue through discounts and promotions.

We've has compiled 5 examples of effective paid social ads in the Fashion industry:

Macy’s on Instagram

Instagram is the ultimate channel for visual impact. Users seek photos that are stunning, inspiring, sharable and compelling. This example from Macy's shows how make-up and accessories are ideal products to be promoted on Instagram. Their marketing team have composed an eye-catching and visually-appealing photo, with beautiful pink flowers providing the perfect accompaniment to their range of make-up products. The copy is simple and utilises relevant hashtags, but this ad is mainly about the vibrant visuals.

Instagram ad Macy's

Also, social shopping is coming to Instagram, allowing browsers to buy products they see on Instagram posts. This will only initially be available to select brands in the US, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, JackThreads, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and, of course, Macy’s, but expect this to become more widely available soon.

Tieks Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ads are a great way for retailers, especially fashion brands, to promote multiple products within one paid social ad campaign. What Tieks have cleverly done is use the carousel format to form a series of ads to panoramically promote their ballet flats. The copy expresses the different benefits of the shoe. It's like a multi-facetted pitch, all in one campaign!

Tieks Facebook carousel ad

Burberry Facebook canvas ads

Canvas ads are becoming more popular with brands. Facebook introduced Canvas ads to give business accounts the chance to create immersive ad experiences for customers. This is a progressive solution for paid social campaigns, where brands can showcase products and enable customers to browse through their products. It's also a tool for brand storytelling.

This example from Burberry shows how they were able to create big visual impact, demonstrating the range of colours available in their quality cashmere scarf range, and give customers an engaging browsing experience.

Burberry's Facebook canvas ad

Threadless on Twitter

The nature of Twitter and the social networking channel's popularity is all about instant engagement, attention-grabbing visuals, shareability and short-but-sweet content. This example from Threadless embodies this. They've used a pop culture visual reference to alert users to their post – Sadness from Insight Out – and made it relevant to their content in relation to empathy about the busy holiday shopping experience.

The copy is simple but effective. Threadless states how it's solving a customer problem, with the sizable discount offer. This is a quick win for social media success.

Threadless Twitter promotion

Buyable Pins from Macy's on Pinterest

Pinterest is expanding its capabilities for marketers to promote their brand via the channel, adding more features for paid social campaigns, with Promoted and Buyable Pins. With Promoted Pins, you can target your audience with a product and accompany the sponsored pins with a carousel of pins, showing a range of additional products.

Buyable Pins, like this example from Macy's, enable businesses to pin products that can be saved, shared and bought. This is ideal for fashion brands, as users can engage with the pins, click through to the brand website and purchase products directly on the channel.

If you want more information about promoting your brand on Pinterest, read our blog: Getting Started with Promoted Pins Pinterest.

Pinterest buyable pins Macy's


These great paid social examples should give you an idea of the visual impact and compelling calls to action that can be achieved with ads on social media channels. When combining this with the key audience targeting capabilities and insights available with paid social, fashion brands can reach the right users and drive effective marketing campaigns with high conversion rates.

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