5 Essential GDPR Resources for Marketers

5 Essential GDPR Resources for Marketers

As the date for GDPR compliance looms and it's now (at the time of writing) just a couple of months away before the new data regulations become law, we thought we'd pull together our favourite resources on this important topic.

Here are Enchant's five most recommended resources on The GDPR in marketing from across the industry:

The ICO's guide to The GDPR 

The ICO (The Information Commissioner's Office) has put together a guide to The GDPR, specifically to help marketers. It has outlined 12 essential steps to take now, as well as a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for GDPR compliance. 

The Direct Marketing Association's guide to GDPR

This is a monstrous resource with all kinds of research, blogs, guides and webinar play-backs included. It's worth keeping abreast of this resource, for updates as well as a deeper-dive into anything very specific relating to The GDPR in marketing.

Get the DMA's GDPR guide here: https://dma.org.uk/gdpr

Support for data controllers 

Another resource from the ICO, this time for data controllers. If you're responsible for how data is captured, managed, processed and stored, this is essential reading with the GDPR deadline just around the corner.

GDPR training in London for marketers

Do you work in marketing and need to get up to speed on all things relating to The GDPR? If so, Econsultancy's 1-day training course is a great way to learn more about all areas of data compliance, in a small group setting with a GDPR expert.

Get onboard here: 


Econsultancy's GDPR white paper guide

Don't have time to spend a day on a course? No problem – grab all the essential information and latest advice through Econsultancy's white paper guide to The GDPR.

Grab Econsultancy's GDPR guide here:


Wrapping up

There's a lot of information out there about The GDPR and it's hard for marketers to know where to start and focus their attention. If you take a look at the resources outlined in this blog, you won't go far wrong. They will enable you to establish your key priorities for preparing for The GDPR in marketing, whilst helping you to effectively plan and coordinate your brand's GDPR compliance project.

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