5 Effective Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Posted by Philip Storey on 31/05/17 18:43
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email marketing growth hacks

Growth hacking isn't just about finding quick wins and time-saving tools, it's about being agile and looking at areas in your marketing to optimise with simple solutions. The more growth hacking you do, the better your marketing mindset will be for seeking continuous improvement.

We've outlined 5 great growth hacks for email marketers:

1) Use dynamic content to leverage FOMO

FOMO (or fear of missing out) is a common consumer emotion that marketers and advertisers tap into to encourage their customers to make a decision and ask themselves the question: "Can I afford to pass up this opportunity?" Persuasive copywriting is one way to leverage FOMO, but marketing copy can be further enhanced by dynamic content, such as countdown clocks for limited-time offers, interactive tools and personalisation. See Europcar's countdown clock example below:

Europcar CRO tactic - countdown clock  

2) Optimise your email subject lines

Subject lines are the key to the door of your email marketing content. Without compelling email subject lines, you're missing a huge opportunity to engage with your customers. If your open rates are low, then large portions of your subscriber list won't see your emails – no matter how beautifully crafted and rich in great content they might be!

There are numerous factors involved in optimising subject lines, such as testing subject line length, adding relevant symbols and emojis, posing questions, incorporating calls to action and keywords, including offers and incentives and using humour. Our Ultimate Guide to Writing Email Marketing Subject Lines has everything you need to know about creating compelling subject lines. Click on the download button below to get your hands on the free guide:

Download guide to writing email marketing subject lines

3) Create an email reactivation strategy

If you've not got an email marketing reactivation strategy in place, then up to 75% of your subscriber list could be inactive! Why? Because unless you're specifically targeting your least active subscibers, you'll be wasting time and resources sending regular emails to lapsed subscribers who are not engaging with your content. This means your email performance metrics will be skewed and you won't know the true value of your subscriber list. Read our 6 reasons to create an email marketing reactivation strategy to learn more about reengagement.  

email marketing list decay - active users

4) Create your emails for mobile first

Although you want your emails to have the same impact across all devices, modern content consumption trends mean that more and more people are reading their emails via their mobiles. Screens are smaller, browsing time is shorter, so you need to engage mobile users straightaway and prevent frustrating user experiences. The best way to do this is by creating mobile-friendly, snackable content, that's easy to view and consume on mobile. Although many ESPs boast responsive email templates, focus your UX design on mobile users, which is still engaging on desktop. See this Spotify example below from Action Rocket's Email Retrospective.

Spotify mobile and desktop email marketing comparison

5) Choose an ESP with automation capabilities

In the past, email marketing automation has been wrongly perceived as an expensive solution. When you consider the ROI involved, the investment is dwarfed by the impact. There are affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Email automation hugely influences customer retention, as it enhances the targeting process and helps create more tailored subscriber journeys. According to Campaign Monitor, a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 75% increase in profitability. Email marketing is the most effective channel for nurturing customer relationships and marketing automation takes this nurturing process to the next level.

Wrap up

Start implementing some of these email growth hacks and start seeing the impact of optimising processes and plugging gaps in your marketing strategies. Be agile and keep monitoring your activities to look for ways to improve your email performance levels.

Want to know more about how to make an impact with email marketing automation? Download our 10 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Business with Marketing Automation and start enhancing your customer lifecycle!

Download marketing automation guide

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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