3 Ways to Instantly Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Written by Philip Storey
5 Minute Read

Are you using the potential of email marketing to drive sales and increase revenues? Email is not only a great channel for lead generation and nurturing customer relationships, but it’s an effective channel for connecting Marketing and Sales teams.

Email marketing is known to create an impressive average ROI of 4300% and, with the use of marketing automation, it can be a key channel for driving sales for your business

We’ve outlined 3 key ways to instantly increase your sales using email marketing:

1. Nurture customers to increase loyalty and lifetime value

Focusing purely on customer acquisition is not a recipe for lasting success. It's more cost-effective to concentrate your efforts on nurturing your customers and retaining their loyalty for as long as possible. This ensures time and resources are going towards the quality rather than quantity of customers. 

How does this help to increase sales? In ecommerce, you need to keep your subscribers engaged, so they keep your brand front of mind. For retailers, it's vital to send emails that excite, reward loyalty and provide incentives and offers to retain their custom, earning repeat sales and increasing customer lifetime value. 

2. Use automation to send targeted, behaviour-based emails

The key to a successful nurturing process, is to create a customer lifecycle map and plot the most relevant engagement opportunities to send your subscribers targeted emails. The most efficient and effective ways to do this is with marketing automation. Automated solutions help to segment your email database and deliver targeted emails to subscribers at the right times, including behaviour-based automated triggers.

These are nudges for subscribers to take actions at relevant touchpoints along their customer journeys, such as seasonal events and post-purchase feedback, and according to engagements with your website, social channels and emails.

3. Use personalisation to promote products and services

Creating intricate segments within your contact database and setting up behaviour-based triggers helps send out relevant emails to subscribers and nurture customer relationships, but adding personalisation takes the nurturing process to the next level and helps increase your conversion rate.

Simple personalisation techniques, like adding subscriber names to subject lines and email templates, help to grab attention and encourage engagement, but personalising content to segments according to profile attributes, such as location, interests, demographics and job role/type, gives customers a more tailored experience and helps them recognise the value of your emails.

Wrap up

Email marketing is a channel that's continually proving doom-mongers wrong. Instead of social media and smart phone technology diminishing the impact and influence of email marketing, email has instead evolved and remained highly relevant for both everyday users and businesses.

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Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Our team of email marketing consultants are here to help you today

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