10 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Email Marketing

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 04/10/16 11:18
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Build customer loyalty with email marketing

It's one thing to get subscribers to open your marketing emails, but quite another to convince them to keep engaging with your email content over a sustained period. You need to build customers relationships with subscribers and nurture them. What's the best tactic for doing this? By demonstrating the value of your content and services. This will encourage your subscribers to stay loyal.

We've outlined 10 ways to build customer loyalty with email marketing:

1. Incentivise customers

Building brand loyalty and gaining customer trust is no easy job and requires ongoing nurturing. Subscribers need encouragement to open marketing emails and to take actions. Incentivising them is the key to keeping them as customers. Give them tangible reasons to engage, interact, consume and convert. Offers – monetary or otherwise – are little carrots to keep your subscribers on their customers journeys.

2. Influencers and social proof

Using and encouraging influencers to share your content or collaborate with your brand is a great way to boost reach and engagement. Influencers are good sources of social proof. Influencers within your industry can be powerful promoters for your business and their clout can convincing customers to engage with your content and convert. You can piggyback influencers or work with them to mutually add value to each other’s marketing activities.

3. Customers as advocates

In a similar way to using influencers to boost your content’s impact, turning customers into advocates is effective social proof and is important for enhancing brand reputation. Online everyone is a critic, so it's vital to keep customers happy and to encourage happy customers to tell their friends and their social following about your brand. Turning customers into advocates is a key stage of the buyer’s journey.

4. Exclusive content and offers

Whether it's time-specific offers and giveaways or discount coupons for loyal customers, giving email marketing subscribers exclusive content and offers is an important way to demonstrate value. It will also help your business retain email subscribers, boost open rates and click-through rates. Be sure to make offers and exclusive content relevant and rewarding.

5. Loyalty schemes

Email marketing is a great channel for enhancing the impact of loyalty schemes and rewards points initiatives. Emailing subscribers about how they can use their points, updating them on how many points they have or informing them of ways to increase their points will boost awareness of the rewards on offer and encourage interaction and loyalty.

6. Free downloadable content

If you want customers to stay loyal to your brand, you need to make them feel valued by your business. If your email marketing content is just full of calls to action, driving subscribers to purchase products, your emails will soon feel like pushy sales pitches. Offering free downloads for slide shares, infographics or other free content shows that your brand is a source of useful information to consume and share, rather than just a marketing machine.

7. Video content

Email content should no longer just comprise of text-heavy content and news updates, it should reflect the diversity of the digital landscape. Email marketing is still the leading tool for nurturing customer relationships, but only because email marketers have moved with the times and made their templates dynamic. Add video snippets and links to video content in your emails, to accompany articles, updates and announcements.

Check out our blog about creating engaging video content.

8. Storytelling

Telling your brand’s story is a way to show customers why your brand is relevant, exciting and worth being part of. Storytelling marketing is now a popular trend. Brands are utilising storytelling for breaking down the barrier brand and customer, whilst visual storytelling demonstrates the character behind the brand and helps customers get closer to the action. 

9. Behind-the-scenes content

Giving customers an exclusive view or “backstage pass” to your brand is a way of humanising your marketing and softening the tone of brand messages. Customers feel more valued if they fell they're getting VIP treatment and access to your brand that other competitors may not offer.

10. Client testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of convincing prospects and customers about the value of your business. Whether it's taglines, in-depth quotes, case studies or video testimonials, getting your clients to help promote your brand is vital to reputation. If your clients and customers are saying great things about your business, you need to shout about it. Use stats to show impact, quotes to give testimonials a personal touch and soundbites from high-profile clients can add kudos to your brand.


Use these techniques in your email marketing stratgey will help keep your subscribers loyal to your brand and increase your customer lifetime value.

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Rowland Marsh

Written by Rowland Marsh

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