Easter Engaging Email Campaigns & Subject lines: 10 of the Best!

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 15/02/18 16:46
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Easter email marketing examples and tips

The Easter bank holiday weekend is a great time for brands to connect with their subscribers through email marketing. It's such an effective channel to leverage seasonal context through creative marketing. There's scope for eggsquisite Easter-related wordplay, colourful visuals, cracking incentives and savvy ways to engage subscribers.

We've compiled 10 of our favourite examples of engaging Easter marketing emails from well-known brands, as inspiration for Easter email marketing campaigns to make your subscribers egg-static (sorry!): 

Visual impact

Brands from the food and drinks industry are in prime position to produce engaging creative for their Easter emails, seeing as visual impact is so important for both email marketing engagement and modern dining experiences. Consumers love to salivate over Instagram-worthy food pics and share their own meal photos. So, if you want to engage subscribers and tempt them to order your nosh or head to your restaurant, then enticing visuals are key to success during the Easter period.

Here's an example from Ask Italian that prompts curiosity ("Chocolate Pasta"), looks awesome, uses pun-filled copy ("don't gnocci until you've tried it") and delivers a clear and attractive money-off seasonal incentive: 

Brand: Ask Italian

Subject line: Easter is just around the corner…and we have chocolate pasta!

Easter email marketing campaign Ask Italian


This following email example from Christopher's is a more upmarket, but it again delivers strong visual impact, humorous and playful copywriting and Easter-related dining offers:

Brand: Christopher's

Subject line: Easter Egg-stravagance, Hot Cross French Toast & Almond Cigars

Easter email marketing campaign Christophers


Meantime Brewing Company, as you'll see from the email example below, has used the hook of Easter to promote an seasonal discount for subscribers for their Chocolate Porter, proving that beer and chocolate do mix! 

Brand: Meantime

Subject line: Chocolate....for Easter 🍫🍻

Easter email marketing campaign Meantime


Cracking offers

Visual impact is vital, but so too is value. Once you've enticed subscribers visually, you need to make your offers just as tantalising. See Hotel Chocolat's dual offline/online 15% discount across the board for subscribers:

Brand: Hotel Chocolat

Subject line: Get 15% OFF this Easter with our early-bird offer!

Easter email marketing campaign Hotel Chocolat 


The following Easter offer from Sainsbury's is all about value, as it offers 25% off across it's entire Tu clothing range for the Easter discount window. The campaign avoids going in for the seasonal gimmicks or playful Easter design and focuses on a blog discount and clear call to action. 

Brand: Sainsbury's

Subject line: Fill your basket with 25% off this Easter

Easter email campaign by Sainsburys

And here Jack Threads delivers some amusing visual email content, combined with a site-wide 25% off incentive to click through to their website:

Easter email marketing Jack threads


Persuasion tactics

The following example from graze demonstrates effective use of persuation tactics, which give subscribers added incentives to open marketing emails and click on links.

This email contains copy that evokes urgency ("Last chance" and "Time's ch-icking") and taps into FOMO (fear of missing out), further aided by the visual impact of the countdown clock.

Brand: Graze

Subject line: Tick... tock! ⏰ £5 off

Easter email marketing campaign Graze


Seasonal events like Easter give brands more scope to be creative with their email marketing campaigns and email design. This is demonstrated well in the following Easter campaign from Topman. The subject line is intriguing, the design is vibrant, fun and eye-catching, whilst the Easter offer requires a little bit of initiative from the recipient – and some browsing of the Topman website! 

Brand: Topman

Subject line: How’d you like your eggs?

Easter email marketing campaign from Topman

Personal touch

Adding the personal touch is crucial for standing out from the inbox and perking the attention of subscribers. It's sounds simple, but personalisation mixed with visually-engaging content is a powerful combination.

Check out this example from Curries Online – yes, Curries Online!

Easter email marketing campaign Curries Online


Leveraging customer emotions

There are plenty of clever ways to find relevant emotional ties with Easter for your brand, whatever products you have to offer. You don't always need pictures of bunnies, eggs or chicks, as a savvy bit of storytelling and out-of-the box thinking can do the trick. 

The example below from eve leverages emotions by steering the copy towards the idea of the having friends or family coming to stay over the holiday period and kitting people out with the appropriate gear/bedding for guestrooms – or makeshift ones:

Easter email marketing campaign eve sleep

Wrap up

We hope you're not too shell-shocked (sorry again!!) from all these Easter email marketing examples! As you've seen, there are plenty of great ways to use visual and text-based seasonal engagement triggers and persuasion tactics with your email content this Easter. Be innovative, be different and get creative, but be sure to provide value to get the best results. Enjoy the holidays!

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