This CRO email marketing guide covers:

  • How to implement customer-centric CRO strategies for email
  • Map out the customer lifecycle for email marketing campaigns
  • Optimise email subject lines, CTAs and landing pages
  • Learn the role of marketing automation for nurturing customers
  • Great email examples from major brands!
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Who is this CRO email marketing guide for?

This guide will benefit retail brands and ecommerce businesses looking to increase conversion rates in the inbox.

Email marketers wanting to take their email strategy to the next level will find these ideas and insights of great help.

SMEs currently underutilising email marketing will learn fast and easy to implement tactics.

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"I had no idea what CRO for email even was. I learned a lot from this"

Getting ahead with CRO for email

Our handy guide outlines the importance of conversion rate optimisation and offers insights and statistics to help to you apply CRO to your email strategy. Get optimising today.

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"I got 5 key ideas for how we can improve our email campaigns from this guide"

Why CRO for email?

The biggest mistake a marketer can make, is not to test and improve campaigns.

Learn from the best brands on how they improve their emails every time they send. 

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