Christmas Email Marketing Tips – 3 of the Best!

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 03/12/18 15:12

Great email marketing tips for christmas campaigns

Christmas isn't that far away, and if you're not planning your email marketing strategy already, then now is the time. It's an exciting time of year to connect with your customers. It's a great time of year for increasing acquisition. Getting things right at Christmas, can be hugely rewarding. Here's some top email marketing tips from Enchant!

1. Plan ahead and let the excitement and anticipation build slowly

The brilliant thing about getting an early start is building the excitement slowly in the run up to Christmas and begin by tantalising your subscribers. Leaving things late and going for the big and loud in your face 'it's Christmas - buy everything now' can come on a bit like overly thick marzipan on Christmas cake – it's too much and will put most people off. Your customers are smart and savvy - they will pick up on the difference between a rushed and ill planned campaign versus something clever and well executed.

Remember, Black Friday proves that whilst some leave it late, many shop earlier. Take advantage!

Build your Christmas email campaigns into a crescendo of genuine excitement and you will be rewarded.

2. Let data personalise the experience

Throughout the year you enjoy a symbiotic relationship with your customers partly based on them sharing information with you. Now is the time to use this data to create a truly personal experience for them through your Christmas campaign emails. Show people you're switched onto the products and services they love and the outstanding attention they have come to expect.

Why not create a personal Christmas shopping list based on their wish list and then offer this in an easy to share format with friends and loved ones? This is a fantastic way of personalising email campaigns and making your customer's life easier at the same time. Not only do you make it clear that you value your customers, but you have the opportunity to tell your potential customers how much you value people and how thoughtful you are!

3. Pump up the volume

At Christmas, some brands crank up the frequency of their campaigns by as much as 10x. Sounds extreme, right? Inboxes are crowded at this time of year, and to cut through, you must increase the volume of your campaigns to get visibility. Be careful not to treat everyone the same, but don't be afraid to significantly increase the number of emails you're sending at this lucrative time of year.

Merry Christmas! Check out our Email Marketing Advent Calendar.

Wrap up

We hope you found these simple Christmas email marketing tips useful and you're ready to optimise your Xmas campaigns.

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Sarah Perrin

Written by Sarah Perrin

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