Bank Holiday Email Marketing: Get The Most From Each Send

Bank Holiday Email Marketing: Get The Most From Each Send


2022 is set to give us nine bank holidays in which we can kick back and relax or take off on an exciting adventure. The upcoming back-to-back combo of the Platinum Jubilee and spring bank holiday delivers a fab four-day weekend. Thank you, Your Majesty. 

These bank holidays are opportunities to do something different - but not just for the sake of aligning to your commercial comms plan. Email can put in some impressive performances, just by making small tweaks to your frequency, tactics, persuasion tactics and by applying basic behavioural science.

Our email heroes take bank holidays in their stride, so let's look at how you can realise the power of holiday emails across all sectors...


Retail brands, this is your time to shine. Across bank holidays, people are more likely to treat themselves to a new outfit or browse for holiday clothes, Therefore, marketers need to ensure they are building interest and excitement through targeted emails in the lead-up to the holidays. Up your frequency, then seize the day itself by enticing people with time-limited deals and offers. 


Travel brands, brace yourself - you're up. Whether the bank holiday brings us sunshine or rain people are more likely to book a holiday. Smart marketers keep a close eye on the weather forecast and draft a variety of well crafted, relevant emails to connect with readers in real-time. Target those days when the weather is cooler - this often leaves people dreaming about where they might go away to next. Bonus points for geotargeting based on the weather in the location of the email subscriber. 


For banking, finance and B2B, this isn't the time to take the silent approach. It's an opportunity to provide a longer read; an analysis email that provides advice and insights. This is a great time to connect with people who don't always have the time to get to know your brand and all it has to offer. 


There is no denying that the weather plays a role in whether an email is opened over a bank holiday. If the weather is glorious, expect less engagement. However, all is not completely lost! People who are out and about in the sunshine will still be checking their phones- we all need something to read while sunbathing. This is when other channels such as in-app messaging and SMS can be integrated into your CRM planning.

Bad weather will drive people inside, making them more likely to check and read emails. If this is likely, be prepared to double-down on volume - this can be a gamechanger. 

Nerd alert

Timing is everything when considering sending out an email over a bank holiday. It's generally considered that the better days to send emails are Tuesday and Thursday, but is there an optimum time slot? Well, not really.

Ideally, you want to imagine the typical day in the life of your subscriber and send emails during the times you are most likely to catch their attention, but also when they are most likely to shop. 

Consider working with a combination of teaser emails acting as amuse-bouches to the call-to-action main course served up over the holiday itself. 

Wrap up

There is always going to be email noise to cut through in the lead-up to a bank holiday. However, if done well, it can be a great time to connect. Therefore, it is essential to grab the attention of your readers. Using existing data to add a personal touch and scene-setting with emotive copy and imagery will help your email stand out. 

Whatever the industry, the rules of engagement remain the same- identify an angle that targets and entices. Bank holidays allow marketers the opportunity to provide something a little different. So, it's time to let the creative juices flow, imaginations run wild and stand bold!

If you need help to stand out and give your next email strategy more pow, our email superheroes are just a bat signal away. Get in touch and together we can get email right!

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