Step 1: Audit Your Email Marketing Performance

Using our very own 200-point audit process, we believe this is the most advanced analysis of email marketing performance in the industry.

Using qualatitive and quantative methods, we review your email performance in strategy, tactics, automation, deliverability, design, code and customer experience.

This unique methodology gives you the most accurate and detailed understanding of what's really happening with email in your organisation and how you can improve.

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Audit Your Email Marketing Performance

Step 2: Benchmark Your Performance

See how you stack up against your competitors with our 10-point benchmark analysis.

We measure your performance against groundbreaking industry research, eye-tracking analysis and industry body benchmarks.

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Benchmark Your Performance

Step 3: Your Email Marketing Roadmap

We then develop an email marketing roadmap for your brand that enables you to truly know what to focus on and when.

Split into every area of email, our roadmap illuminates the areas that require your immediate attention and shows you exactly where the opportunities are to quickly increase performance and improve the customer experience in the inbox.

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Your Email Marketing Roadmap

The Email Marketing Audit & Roadmap

Here's how the email audit and strategic plan typically works...

1. Performance

Thorough analysis & report of every email marketing metric and conclusions from our consulting team

2. Internal
Stakeholder Interviews

Qualatitive & quantative research of internal stakeholders and teams on email marketing

3. Subscriber &
Consumer Research

External qualatitive & quantative research of subscribers, to understand subscriber sentiment, needs and desires

4. Competitor &
Industry Benchmarking

Benchmarking report on all key competitors. A report is produced to identify market position and specific points of strategic and tactical opportunity

5. Scientific Analytics
via Enchant Labs

Eye tracking, neurological reaction analysis, galvanic skin response and facial expression analysis are pooled together to understand unconcious reaction, sentiment and feelings

6. Deliverability
Health Check

A full audit and review of deliverability, illuminating areas of opportunity to improve and develop to increase inbox delivery

7. Strategy

A detailed strategic roadmap is developed for an agreed number of phases over time. This drives future strategic initiatives for email

8. Tactical

A clear, finite tactical roadmap lists every single tactic that needs to be adopted with our in-house priority algorithm

9. Testing &
Optimisation Roadmap

Our strategists and planners develop a planner for testing and optimisation. We give you our testing algorithm to launch with

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