Founder & CEO @ Enchant Agency

Philip Storey is our Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing and CRM specialist in London, UK. He has enabled over 500 brands in all sectors, to create huge impact with the effectiveness of their email marketing, CRM and paid social media marketing programmes. 

Over the past few years, Philip has specialised in working with large retailers, to truly undertstand and improve their customer lifecycle marketing. He is helping marketers to create consistent, connected experiences across all channels, in every space where a prospect or customer meets the brand, every single time.

More recently, Philip has been furthering his experience and work in coaching, therapies and meditation, and is now a 2nd degree reiki healer. Philip is now coaching and mentoring high-worth individuals, CEO's, founders and marketing directors to be more effective and more successful. He works closely with his coaching clients on a one-to-one basis, to help them to realise and achieve their true potential. This always results in his clients feeling very differently about their personal and professional life. No matter what their goals are, they leap ahead into a new, prosperous future.

You can connect with Philip on Twitter or contact Philip through Linkedin.