You matter more than anything or anyone else

You are your most important client and that must never be compromised. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so we always put ourselves first.

We are all equal

Relationship of equals. We are all equal, regardless of role. Clients are equal - not above or below. Relationships come before the work. Great work comes from great relationships. That’s why we put relationships before task. This is your relationship with self, as well as your relationship with others.

Communication is key

We communicate early and often, but we never share unfinished work.


We don’t do politics.

Outcomes are the responsibility of the brand

We work alongside our clients to help them get the most from email. The responsibility of marketing and marketing outcomes always remains with the brand. 

Your free time is yours

We do not perform client work evenings and weekends unless we take that time back for ourselves in the same week or immediately the following week. Further, we do not communicate with clients at weekends, even in emergencies.

Never forget: Your next meeting is someone else’s adventure

Your client has been looking forward to this meeting all week. Go and have fun. Take your client on the adventure they’ve been looking forward to.

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