Ready to ramp up your email performance by applying conversion rate optimisation tactics to your email marketing campaigns? Learn top CRO techniques from our experts!

How to apply CRO strategies to email marketing

This free ebook guide to CRO strategies for email marketing covers the following:

  • How to implement customer-centric CRO strategies
  • Mapping out the customer lifecycle for email marketing campaigns
  • Optimising email subject lines, CTAs and landing pages
  • The role of marketing automation for nurturing customers
  • Plus, some great email examples from major brands!

Who is this email marketing guide for?

  • Retailers and ecommerce businesses looking to increase conversion rate
  • Email marketers wanting to take their email strategy to the next level
  • SMEs currently underutilising email marketing

Our handy guide outlines the importance of conversion rate optimisation and offers insights and statistics to help to you apply CRO to your email strategy. Get optimising!

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