Free Email Marketing Consultation

Get ahead with a super fast, free email marketing audit & roadmap. Our experts will create a quick-start plan for you


What will you receive as part of the free email marketing audit and roadmap? Our leading email consultants will analyse your email marketing across:

  • Email strategy
  • Personalisation and segmentation 
  • Email design and content 
  • Marketing automation and customer lifecycle approach
  • Customer retention, loyalty, advocacy, win-back and retargeting
  • Measurement, testing and optimisation 

Our experts will assess the outcome of your audit, benchmark your scores against your competitors and other retailers in your market, and then create a 3-step plan to get you started on the path to success.


Fill out the form and we'll send you details about how to claim your audit and roadmap for email marketing.

Enchant Agency's email marketing consultants have collectively helped over 1000 brands to improve their knowledge and confidence, to drive the highest ROI. We'll give you everything you need to take a leap with email marketing.

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