Why Integrating Your Marketing Channels is Key to Retail Success

Posted by Philip Storey on 18/11/16 21:17
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Tips for integrating your marketing channels

Effective retail comes from delighting consumers with your products and services via numerous distribution channels, encouraging them to take actions. If you're a retailer looking to boost your brand’s conversion rates, then integrating your marketing channels is the way forward!

Enchant explains why integrating your marketing channels is key to retail success:

Enriching the customer lifestyle

The customer lifecycle is an engagement ecosystem where consumer journeys are mapped out, according to strategic content calendars, seasonal interactions and behavioural triggers.

Data and insights feed into the customer lifecycle and allow engagements to be more targeted and relevant. By having an integrated multichannel strategy, the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions increase and the connectivity of channels help marketing messages reach customers in the right way at the right times.

Drip-feeding your brand messaging

Do you have radio ads, perhaps? Or a YouTube video channel? Maybe you have a strong presence on Twitter. But if your marketing channels are not connected you're missing opportunities to drip-feed your brand message into consumer minds. If you can convert your email marketing subscribers or Twitter followers into Facebook fans, perhaps, then your brand and products have a better chance of staying front of mind for consumers.

Increasing reach and engagement

If your marketing channels are working independently, you're limiting brand growth and stunting the reach of your content. Integrated channels allow consumers to find your content and your products more readily. By simply making email subscribers aware of your buyable pins on Pinterest, for example, you give customers a new browsing opportunity and route to purchase.

Make your calls to action for links to content on your other marketing channels clear and compelling, whilst consider creating dedicated social posts to drive cross-channel promotions.

Greater continuity and better customer experience

A key process in the integration of marketing channels is pooling customer insights. This can be achieved when using a CRM platform or automated solution that created a hub of insights for optimising marketing content for different channels. This will help you to create greater continuity for consumers and a better customer experience. You'll be able to promote relevant products and deliver a suitable tone of voice for your targeted customers, convincing customers to convert.


Integrating your marketing channels strengthens your brand message and builds awareness. This connectivity will help you reach your customers where they reside and improve engagement and customer experience through richer insights and more efficient targeting.

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

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