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Posted by Philip Storey on 13/12/17 11:33
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How to align sales and marketing through smarketing

“Smarketing” may sound like a bit of a buzzword, but this term refers to the act of combining your marketing and sales functions. Smarketing is a full integration of everything that your marketing and sales departments do, both online and offline. And it’s the final piece of the jigsaw when it comes to creating a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Aligning your goals

One of the most important elements of smarketing is aligning the goals of Marketing and Sales. It’s critical that both teams have the same overall objectives. However, the tactics and strategies that sales and marketing teams employ will be different. For example, it may be more relevant for your organisation to use marketing to create and nurture leads, which can then be passed to the sales team once they’re warmed up and qualified.

The goals should be created and decided upon by both teams. It’s important that these goals are created and aligned by the sales and marketing teams and not by a different team that may sit above these departments. For example, the C-suite might set goals for sales for the business as a whole, but it’s up to Marketing and Sales to work together to decide and agree upon how they’ll achieve that goal together.

Where is smarketing most commonly employed?

We’ve found that the most common implementation of smarketing is in B2B industries. For example, a recruitment consultancy may use smarketing as a way to attract the interest of candidates through various online and offline marketing activities. These prospective candidates are then converted into actual candidates and potential future employees by the sales team.

Another example of smarketing, is in the agency world of marketing and advertising. A marketing department in a creative agency may launch an inbound marketing campaign to attract and identify prospective companies, who might be interested in their creative services. Marketers can do this through blogging and providing content offers, such as free downloads, in order to attract and identify these prospects. Once these prospects have been identified, the sales team follows up by telephone and email to understand the potential of each prospect having a need and a desire for creative services.

What tools are used for smarketing?

The best way to get started with smarketing, is by employing a platform that is able to handle all of your sales, marketing and customer service activity in one portal. There are not many tools that are capable of doing this, and there are far fewer that are capable of doing it well.

Our favourite tool for smarketing (and the tool that we use ourselves), is HubSpot. Although at Enchant we are platform-agnostic – meaning that we never recommend a tool or platform broadly, unless it’s fit for purpose for the individual needs and requirements of our clients – we're big fans of HubSpot.

HubSpot’s infamous inbound marketing methodology has helped countless businesses become lead generation machines and it's by far the most powerful and adaptable tool available for smarketing purposes. The below graphic shows how the buyer's journey can be applied to the marketing and sales funnel. Smarketing ensures a smoother process for turning prospects into customers.

Aligning the buyer's journey with the marketing and sales funnel

What other tools are there?

One way to introduce smarketing into your organisation, from a marketing point of view, would be to utilise an automation platform, such as Autopilot, then integrate this into your CRM platform.

Is smarketing all about tools?

Absolutely not. Tools are critical in successful smarketing, but they’re not going to create your strategy for you. The most important thing to consider when implementing smarketing into your business is how you’ll achieve this strategically and why.

What else needs to be considered?

One of the most common points of failure when implementing smarketing, is the failure in training teams and individuals in how smarketing should be utilised within the organisation. If you don't empower your people to understand why you’re rolling out smarketing, what changes will be required from each team and individual, and what you need and expect from everyone, then it’s likely that your project will fail.

When projects like this do fail, it’s almost always because it was poorly launched internally. It's never the tools, and it's very rarely the strategy. Don't fall into this trap! To successfully align sales and marketing teams, everyone needs to be on the same page.

How do I get started with smarketing?

Well, we’re a tad biased when it comes to this question, but the best way to get started is by speaking to one of our smarketing specialists. In 2017, we helped over 20 companies to establish and implement a smarketing programme. It takes just a few weeks to get going and start seeing results. Drop us a line and we’ll be really happy to offer a free consultation to help you explore smarketing for your business.

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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