What is Email Marketing Reactivation and Why is it Important

Posted by Philip Storey on 29/11/16 15:49
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Email marketing reactivation strategy

How many of the email addresses in your subscriber list represent active customers? If your answer is "I have no idea," then your email marketing strategy is flawed. It's good practice to not only monitor your email marketing performance regularly, but you should implement a reengagement strategy to target your sleepy subscribers.

What is email marketing reactivation?

Well, it's a key customer retention strategy which should run alongside your primary email marketing strategy, sitting within your customer lifecycle. You want to wake up sleepy subscribers and turn them into active customers. Marketing automation is the best way to implement this strategy, as you can set up automated triggers to segment subscribers when they become inactive and send them content with the specific aim of encouraging them to reengage with your brand emails.

We created a comprehensive guide to email marketing reactivation in collaboration with Smart Insights: Email Marketing Reactivation and Reengagement Guide. This will give you everything you need to define your inactive subscribers and implement an email marketing reactivation strategy.

How we can help

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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