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Posted by Rowland Marsh on 23/05/16 13:26
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We live in an extremely diverse time. Consumers are heavily reliant on digital technology and are driven by social media trends and communication, but we are not merely a generation of (electric) sheep. In fact, the digital age aids and encourages creativity and diversity, and social media showcases individualism and promotes the idea of embracing personal identity.

LinkedIn recently released an eBook, “The Millennial Playbook”, to help people understand the unique qualities of the generation, based on millennials’ LinkedIn activity and behaviours. It shows how diverse and influential this generation is, and, when it comes to marketing, it further highlights how crucial it is for marketers to get to know their audience.

Enchant outlines the importance of understanding your audience and why marketers must embrace consumer diversity:

Do your research

Gone are the days of broad marketing. You must get to know your audience and your customers’ needs, so you need to do relevant research to glean the crucial insights to feed into your marketing strategies. This should be a balance of market research and analytical data.

Ask the right questions

Your research must be relevant and insightful. When undertaking market research or customer surveys, don’t just ask about general interests and preferences. Tap into the online behaviours of your audience. This will be the most crucial insight when looking to push customer engagement in your digital marketing strategies.

Create targeted content

Consumers now are perennial browsers. We want to shop around for a deal and we demand quality, because we can – the Internet is awash with comparison tools and product feedback and opinion. Therefore, to cut through the noise, we need this online behavioural insight to give customers what they want. Use the behavioural triggers of your audience to target customers with relevant content at the right times.

Use automation to personalise interactions

So, you’ve got your audience’s data and your strategy is using insights to produce targeted and relevant content. Now, you need to use automation to drive personalised interactions with customers. With digital marketing strategies, particularly in email marketing, it is increasingly important to use personalisation to engage with customers and improve customer experience. Automation is the most efficient way to drive personalised content and can be utilised by businesses with budgets of all sizes. Here are some great strategy tips on automated marketing for SMEs.

In conclusion

Digital consumers, especially millennials, are diverse social creatures and constant communicators. Marketers need to embrace this. Use your customers' behavioural trends to target them in your digital marketing strategies, using personalised content driven by automation.

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Rowland Marsh

Written by Rowland Marsh

Rowland is the Marketing Manager at Enchant Agency. He is a writer, content marketer and former film reviewer. Rowland studied Literature and Philosophy at UEA and has a background in promotions, marcomms and print media.

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