Understand the Most Used and Effective Email Marketing Techniques

Posted by Team Enchant on 28/06/17 16:29
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The most used mail marketing techniques

Businesses of all sizes, across the globe, use email marketing to help boost customer engagement and brand awareness, nurture customer journeys and increase sales and conversions. Email is known to deliver ROI of up to 4300% – a great reason to start utilising the channel’s potential! However, it’s crucial for businesses to be aware of the latest and most effective email marketing techniques, to ensure investment in email creates the right impact.

Thanks to Website Builder’s infographic, “119 Facts You Don’t Know About Email Marketing”, we can bring you a rundown of the most popular and successful email marketing techniques, plus an extensive collection of email marketing stats and insights to delve into. Take a look!

Email automation (74%)

Email marketing automation is used to send targeted emails to customers, based on behavioural triggers and nurturing opportunities. Examples include follow-ups on purchases, cart abandonment emails, order confirmations and reengagement emails for inactive customers.

Personalisation (58%)

Using personalisation in email is crucial for encouraging customer loyalty, improving engagement and building brand trust. Personalised emails can include simple personal touches, such as inserting the customer name into subject lines and templates or sending birthday emails with related offers and discounts. More data-driven personalisation includes sending recommended products and tailored content.  

Social media integration (33%)

Due to changing consumer trends and modern mobile usage, it’s crucial to integrate email marketing with social channels. Integrating your marketing channels offers email recipients more ways to connect with your brand across different channels, prompts users to engage with different social accounts to find your content, whilst enriching the pool of data with which to retarget customers.

Broadcast timing based on customer location (26%)

Sending the right emails, at the right time, is an essential strategy for successful email marketing campaigns. Use customer data and insights to deliver emails to subscribers at the most suitable times for them, to maximise your chance of getting more opens. Consider time zones too!

Basic profile-based targeting (21%)

Targeting customers based on their interests is a vital technique for gaining continued engagement. Relevancy is key. For your targeted emails, make sure you have a robust segmentation process in place, so you don’t put off subscribers by sending messages and content which isn’t relevant to their interests, preferences or demographics!

Other effective email techniques and email design

Successful and experienced email marketers focus on optimising their emails, increasing their level of segmentation and personalisation, and using responsive email design.

Quality email design is important for grabbing the attention of readers straight away and driving home key brand messages. Smart design can help yield numerous other benefits. For instance, including a call-to-action button rather than a text-based link can increase conversions by over 28%! 

Try to optimise every element of your emails, including subject lines. It’s worth mentioning that emails with 6-10 words in the subject line offer the highest opening rates.  And try not to over-send and bombard recipients, as you don’t want to be viewed as spam – millennials prefer to see 32% fewer repetitive emails from brands!

Check out Website builder’s infographic “119 Facts You Don’t Know About Email Marketing.”

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Team Enchant

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