How to Get Your Email Marketing To Stand Out in the Gmail Promotions Tab

Posted by Philip Storey on 02/01/19 15:03

The Gmail promotions tab - love it or hate it, but it's not going anywhere. And if recent developments are anything to go by, email marketers are going to need to pay close attention to how it evolves. Have you seen the way that some emails are featured at the top of the tab, with an image? In this blog, I'll show you how you it's done and how you can apply it to your next email campaign.

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How to Capitalise on the Latest Updates to Inbox by Gmail

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 24/05/16 14:33

Our friends at Google have made some significant updates to Inbox by Gmail, which will continue to change the way users view and search email content. Those in email marketing, pay attention as this is important!

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