What is inbound marketing? The key benefits of creating an inbound strategy

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 14/11/17 17:51

Whilst tried and tested marketing channels and traditional advertising are still relevant for generating leads and acquiring new customers in this digital age, inbound marketing is emerging as a lucrative lead generation approach for businesses, particularly in B2B.

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Digital Marketing Survey: Holiday Season Campaign Preparation

Posted by Philip Storey on 01/11/17 10:03

Are you a digital marketer getting ready to plan your holiday season campaigns? Does it feel like the peak seasons are never-ending at this time of year, with the likes of Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – before you even reach Xmas and New Year? We'd love you to take part in our short survey about seasonal campaign planning!

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Immersive Marketing & Top VR Experience Trends and Examples

Posted by Philip Storey on 01/06/17 18:30

Virtual reality has been around a while now and in recent years the technology has had a revival. VR was on the lips of everyone in the marketing industry. Although VR has become big business in the gaming world, it hasn't moved as far forward as expected in marketing. We discuss why VR and immersive marketing are now ready to really take off!

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Learn About Replatforming to Magento 2 with Space 48's #TalkMagento Webinar

Posted by Team Enchant on 22/05/17 13:34

Calling all retailers! Thinking of replatforming your ecommerce business to Magento 2? If so, get yourself booked in for Space 48’s upcoming #TalkMagento webinar on 25th May 2017!

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5 Ways Retailers Can Connect with Generation Z Through Social Media

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 30/11/16 15:25

Whilst some marketers are still understanding how to truly engage with millennials, many retailers have shifted their focus to targeting "Generation Z" – consumers between the ages of 15 to 24. Those within this young demographic are now so highly influenced by social media and smartphones, retailers put a large emphasis on getting into their psyche and delivering instantly-engaging content and creating an experience that really connects with them.

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5 Quick and Easy Digital Marketing Growth Hacks for Retailers

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 25/11/16 11:12

Growth hacking is a key trend in marketing, focused on finding ways to improve processes and discovering quick wins to grow your business without necessarily needing to use a large-scale budget. Successful growth hackers are agile with their marketing strategies, looking to make necessary tweaks and utilise add time-saving tools to optimise their chances of conversions and enhance their marketing activities and content.

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Why Integrating Your Marketing Channels is Key to Retail Success

Posted by Philip Storey on 18/11/16 21:17

Effective retail comes from delighting consumers with your products and services via numerous distribution channels, encouraging them to take actions. If you're a retailer looking to boost your brand’s conversion rates, then integrating your marketing channels is the way forward!

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6 Key Reasons for Creating a Multichannel Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Philip Storey on 07/11/16 23:53

When creating a multichannel digital strategy, it's not just about brands using different channels for distributing content and attracting customers, it's about choosing the right channels for your business and integrating them to drive success.

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3 Key Reasons for Putting Strategy Before Technology in Digital Marketing

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 19/09/16 17:44

It might seem like common sense to say that it's important for businesses to have a clearly defined digital strategy before choosing technology and tools, but it's a bad habit many companies get themselves into as they strive for quick impact with digital marketing. 

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5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Focus on the Customer Lifecycle

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 26/07/16 17:31

At Enchant, we believe that every customer should be viewed by businesses as an individual on their own customer journey. Marketers should look to build ongoing relationships with these individuals.

We look at 5 reasons why your digital marketing strategy should focus on the customer lifecycle:

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6 Ways Comparison Websites Have Affected Digital Marketing Strategies

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 15/06/16 17:14


In today’s marketing world, consumer behaviour is key. No longer can businesses just shove their brand in front of consumers and hope for instant impact. Advances in technology have meant the advertising and marketing environment has changed dramatically, and social media and digital channels have given opportunities to start-ups and SMEs in the same spaces as big businesses.

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Enchant's Hierarchy of Needs for Digital Marketers

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 14/06/16 10:42

Before creating a marketing strategy, every marketer needs to robustly scope out the key aims, audience and channels for reaching their customers. However, for a smart and dynamic digital marketing strategy, it is important to have a structured framework in place.

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Why Digital Marketers Should Use Leicester City FC as a Case Study for SMEs

Posted by Philip Storey on 10/06/16 14:46

Whether you're a football fan or not, you’ll be aware of the fairytale story of Leicester City FC this year. They went from 5000-1 no hopers to Premier League Champions. They defied the odds and disparity in club wealth, using the momentum of support and belief from the Leicester fans and community – and of a horde of neutrals who embraced them – to hold off the competition and take the title.

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4 Tips For Understanding Your Audience Better

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 23/05/16 13:26

We live in an extremely diverse time. Consumers are heavily reliant on digital technology and are driven by social media trends and communication, but we are not merely a generation of (electric) sheep. In fact, the digital age aids and encourages creativity and diversity, and social media showcases individualism and promotes the idea of embracing personal identity.

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10 Reasons Why Even the Best Digital Marketing Strategies Fail

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 20/05/16 11:14

Marketers talk a great deal about integration, collaboration and having the right tools in place to implement successful marketing campaigns. Everything and everyone must work together to maximise a marketing strategy’s impact. If one cog is not working, the marketing machine will not function properly.

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