5 Horrifyingly Good Halloween Email Creative Examples

Written by Philip Storey
5 Minute Read

BOO! Are you looking for some creative email inspiration for your Halloween marketing campaigns? Halloween is a seasonal event which lends itself well to creativity, due to the wide range of spooky iconography associated with fright night. We've cast our spell and conjured up 5 horrifyingly good email creative design examples to help inspire your Halloween campaigns:


Our first example comes from J.Crew. The marketing copy and design is simple, yet highly effective. The discount code has a seasonal spin, the 25% off is big and bold, the colours are easy on the eye, and the call to action is straight to the point. Rather than go for the dark and creepy with their Halloween campaign creative, they've opted to focus on visually-appealing sweet treats – and copywriting to match: “Talk about eye candy…”

Pull & Bear

Our second example comes from Pull & Bear. Again, the brand hasn’t gone for the cliché colours of orange and black, but have still added a spooky element to the email design theme.

Pull & Bear’s email campaign incorporates a competition, offering subscribers the chance to win different money-off discounts, but first, you have to play a virtual game. This is a great way of enticing subscribers to engage with the content. This element of fun and intrigue is an effective tactic for boosting conversions.


Next up is an email campaign from Michaels. The theme of the campaign is heavily concentrated on the seasonal colours of Halloween, with the addition of little festive design icons, such as bats and a witch. The seasonal theme doesn’t take over the key marketing message, which is a time-sensitive offer and large-scale discounts offering real value.  It’s super-enticing for customers looking for deals on their products.


This Halloween campaign from Modcloth cleverly uses a sepia filter, giving the email design an old-fashioned, spooky look, as if the email template itself needs a dusting down, to blow away the cobwebs – which are also included for added effect! The copywriting is simple, with a hint of mystery, "Something Stylish This Way Comes...", provoking intrigue for subscribers. And the CTA button is neat, clear and snappy. This email creative ticks all the boxes for luring customers in!


Our final email creative example is from KOHL’S. Bold text and a minimalistic visual creative deliver a visually-appealing design. Like the J.Crew example, KOHL’s focus on the treat theme rather than the trick, choosing toffee apples as a tasty theme to tantalise customers.

The call to action is clearly positioned at the bottom of the copy and the hook of a sliding scale of discounts is intriguing. The tagline, “How 'bout them apples?”, is fun and seasonal. It’s a good example of an email campaign design combining a single creative theme with specific copywriting and a compelling call to action.

Wrap Up

Try to utilise some of these elements and tactics in your own Halloween email marketing campaigns. Click-worthy calls to action, bold offers that reflect real value, enticing incentives and engaging visuals, will all contribute to a winning seasonal campaign that converts. Don’t be afraid to be creative, that’s what will help you stand out from all the other pumpkins! 

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