The Pengest Brand: How to Use Influencers to Create Engaging Social Media Content

Posted by Philip Storey on 03/05/17 11:04
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Influencer marketing in social media - Carphone Warehouse

You’ve heard of The Pengest Munch, right? No? You’ve not heard of the Chicken Connoisseur? Well, there’s a good chance a large percentage of your customers have. Successful digital marketers stay on top of the latest trends by understanding the heartbeat of their followers and fans. Leveraging social influencers and viral content, right when it happens, is a powerful tactic for increasing engagement and grabbing attention.

Who is the Chicken Connoisseur and why are we talking about him?

Well, he’s a young lad who caused a bit of a viral splash with his YouTube video reviews of London chicken shops. Why were his videos so popular? It's partly to do with the youthful street slang of his patter and partly because of the comic paradox of Masterchef-like reviews of everyday fast-food. But the key thing is that he's likeable and his videos are easy to consume – no pun intended! 

The Carphone Warehouse has cleverly leveraged the appeal and influence of the Chicken Connoisseur (Elijah Quashie) for its latest social media ad campaigns. Let’s take a look what they’ve done. 

How did the Carphone Warehouse leverage viral appeal?

If you look at the sponsored Facebook post below, you'll see how Carphone Warehouse collaborated with the YouTube sensation to use his unique "skills" of reviewing chicken shops for a mobile product preview video ad, to help boost brand engagement and hijack some buzz from his viral appeal. 

Carphone warehouse facebook video ad - chicken connoisseur4

They've maintained authenticity by keeping The Chicken Connoisseur in his natural surroundings – the humble chicken shop!

Influencer marketing in social media from Carphone Warehouse

Talking your audience's language

The aim of the influencer-led video is to remove the salesy style of many brands' social campaigns, and speak to consumers through the voice of the consumer. It's not just through the narrative that Carphone Warehouse does this, but also by customising the video with the addition of fun stickers and emojis. They've understood today's generation of social networks users and the trend of "pimping up" photos and videos with stickers, icons, filters and emojis.

influencer marketing facebook video ad using stickers

influencer marketing social media facebook video ad with emoji


Storytelling marketing and social proof

There's more to leveraging a viral sensation than simply piggybacking a gimmick. Influencers can really help create powerful visual storytelling and social proof. The video's narrative is a fun twist on the gadget product review, but it also contains social proof in the form of The Chicken Connoisseur splashing the Samsung Galaxy S8+ mobile in ketchup and mayonnaise, before washing it clean. What a novel way to showcase a product feature!

influencer marketing using facebook video ads

influencer marketing facebook video ad for Samsung Galaxy

influencer marketing facebook video ad from Carphone Warehouse


Wrap Up

The Carphone Warehouse has set the bar high for finding savvy ways to leverage influencers. This should inspire other marketers to make video ads more engaging and think outside the box. And the great thing about influencers is that their stock can continue to rise. It was recently announced that the Chicken Connoisseur had sealed a book deal. So, expect to see more of him! 

Check out the full Carphone Warehouse video ad below:


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