Philip Storey Helps Humanitas Charity's Safe Homes Project in Romania

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 04/05/18 17:42
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Humanitas charity's Safe Homes project in Romania with Enchant

Enchant's charity partner, Humanitas, believe that everyone is entitled to health care, an education and a family. This inspiring organisation strives to provide these three key rights in various locations across the world. One country where Humanitas currently has projects running is Romania. Enchant CEO and Founder Philip Storey recently joined the charity out in Romania to see first-hand the crucial work they're doing in the country. 

Who are the Roma community?

The Roma community is one of the largest minority groups in the country, making up approximately 3% of Romania's population. The Roma people predominantly live in impoverished conditions and their predicament has led to many orphaned and abandoned children, many with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

For those children who have been born with a mental or physical disability, there is an increased risk of abandonment, due to them having complex care needs. This an ongoing issue that Humanitas is addressing.

What Humanitas for children in Romania 

Humanitas created a Safe Homes project in 2005, which is committed to finding homes and providing lifelong care for these underprivileged and vulnerable children from within Romani community. Working specifically with the Roma community, near the city of Oradea, Humanitas volunteers go into Roma camps and assess whether there are children in need of their support.

Humanitas runs two Safe Homes in a village called Tinca, which accommodate up to 12 children between them. These children are looked after by foster parents and get medical and health support from the charity's doctor and physiotherapist. Social workers help the children to grow, interact and thrive. 

Humanitas Safe Homes project in Romania with Philip Storey from Enchant Agency

Philip was part of a six-strong volunteering team that went out to Romania in March with members of the charity. They stayed in the village of Tinca, where Humanitas helps children as part of its Safe Homes project. The team also visited some of the 13 children currently living with families in the region.

Humanitas founder, Sarah Wade, and a few of the volunteers shared their experiences with the Comet, a regional newspaper from Hertfordshire, where Humanitas HQ is based.

Check out the Comet's article on Humanitas' work in Romania here.

Philip's work with Humanitas

Philip was overwhelmed by the humbling experience and expressed his surprise at the positive attitude shown by the children. Many have been removed at birth, so don't know any other life than that which they currently live.

“It was a completely immersive and eye-opening experience for me," Philip said. "The children are so positive and full of life. I have returned with a renewed sense of purpose and will continue to show my support for the incredible work that these guys do.”

Humanitas Safe Homes project Roma children

The Humanitas charity workers are helping people to have a life that they otherwise just wouldn't have. They are saving children's lives in impoverished areas of Romania. Philip was impressed was by the impact Humanitas has had on these children.

"The charity is taking their vulnerable children and putting them in these Safe Homes and giving them a beautiful family environment," Philip said. "These kids now have the chance of a proper education, growing up in a loving environment with foster parents that they call Mum and Dad, and growing up amongst other children who become best friends or like brothers and sisters."

Philip continued, "I wanted to see what the situation was like on the ground and the implications. Having seen it first-hand, I'm more keen than ever to continue to support the great work Humanitas does." 

Humanitas has been Enchant Agency's chosen charity since 2016 and Philip has helped with several different projects that Humanitas is involved with, such as Education Matters, an initiative helping children to get an education in underprivileged communities in Ghana.

Check out more details about our partnership with Humanitas charity in our blog: Making a Difference: How the Enchant Team are Helping Those Who Need it Most

How you can help...

Want to know how you can help? Find out how to get involved as a volunteer or donate to Humanitas and their inspiring projects. The charity gives you control over exactly where your money goes, so you can see how your donation directly makes an impact in key communities. Head to Shop for Humanity to learn about how it works.

Find out more about the projects at Humanitas charity's project page

And here you can learn about Enchant Agency's marketing services.

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