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Posted by Rowland Marsh on 05/09/17 16:25
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In both B2B and B2C marketing, businesses should be focusing on their customer lifecycle. Email marketing remains a highly-successful channel for nurturing customer relationships and feeds effectively into the customer lifecycle. Enchant Founder Philip Storey presents his talk, “How to Revolutionise Your Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing”, at Brighton SEO in September 2017.

Enhance your customer lifecycle with email

If you’re already aware of the importance of the customer lifecycle, you need to make sure you fully utilise email marketing and marketing automation for targeting subscribers at all key touchpoints throughout their customer journeys. If you use email marketing, but you’re not strategically segmenting, targeting or automating your messages to your subscribers, then you should to map out your customer lifecycle now. Otherwise it's a huge missed opportunity! 

Enchant is a customer lifecycle marketing agency, specialising in email marketing. Our Founder and CEO, Philip Storey, is a one of the leading email experts in the industry – named in Campaign Monitor's 25 email marketing influencers to follow!

If you want to see his talk at Brighton SEO on the importance of the customer lifecycle in email marketing, check out the details below:

See Philip Storey speak at Brighton SEO

On September 15th 2017, Enchant Agency Founder and CEO Philip Storey will be speaking at Brighton SEO, discussing key the ways to use email marketing to enhance the customer lifecycle and effectively nurture leads and customers. 

Check out his talk, How to Revolutionise Your Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing, at the Brighton Centre at 2:30pm. Listen to his session, pick his brains after his talk and enjoy the event!

Go to the Brighton SEO website for full details about the expert speakers on show and more information about this exciting marketing event:

Get the slides from Philip's talk

After Philip's talk at Brighton SEO, you can download the slides from his presentation for free. Get the talk slides and start making waves with email marketing!

Download Customer Lifecycle Strategies now

Enchant is the leading customer lifecycle marketing agency in the UK. Specialising in email marketing, our experienced marketing consultants have helped numerous top brands to improve their performance and create big impact with customer-centric marketing strategies. Why not get in touch and see how we can help your improve your email marketing strategy?

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