Nurturing Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Philip Storey on 29/11/16 12:13
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Nurturing customer relationships with email marketing

Effective customer retention in email marketing relies on a strategic nurturing process. This nurturing process should be driven by the aim of sending subscribers relevant content, taking them on tailored customer journeys and rewarding loyalty. Email marketing is an ideal distribution channel for nurturing customer relationships.

Here is Enchant's 5 steps towards effectively nurturing customer relationships through email marketing:

Map out your customer lifecycle

For your email marketing strategy to be successful, you need to really understand your customers. This means researching your target audience, analysing data and utilising insights about your existing subscribers. Establishing your key personas will help you focus your strategy on your customers' desires and challenges. Map out your customer lifecycle to plot the engagement opportunities, or “touchpoints”, to nurture your subscribers effectively.

Use personalisation and persuasion tactics

Personalisation helps to soften your marketing messages and capture the attention of your subscribers. Think beyond just dropping the recipient’s name in subject lines and the body of your emails. You need to speak your customers’ language, tailor content to their preferences and use words and phrases that make your marketing copy appear more like a conversation than a pitch.

There are lots of different persuasion techniques and tactics that can be used by marketers to keep subscribers engaged and convince them to click-through on CTAs, such as inputting questions and actionable language in your email subject lines and using brand storytelling in your content.

Find out more about persuasion tactics with our blog: 5 Tips for Persuasive Copywriting and Effective Calls to Action.

Incentivise customers and reward loyalty

Building lasting relationships with email marketing subscribers is about convincing them that your brand and content is an essential part of their lifestyle. Incentivising customers is important for giving subscribers a nudge and another reason engage with your emails. Reward loyal subscribers with exclusive offers, free gifts or invitations to interact with your brand.

Here are the building blocks of customer loyalty: 10 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Email Marketing.

Target customers with relevant content

The more engagements, interactions and feedback you get from your subscribers, the more insights you'll gain about their behaviours. Analysing these insights will help you further understand your customer needs and desires, allowing you to make your content more relevant. Segment your subscriber list and target customers with tailored content and (CRO) conversion rate optimisation tactics.

Marketing automation is the best way to drive targeted content to your subscribers. Here are some handy tips for getting started with automation: 3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Email Marketing Automation.

Integrate your marketing channels

The nurturing process will be much more effective if you integrate your marketing channels. An omnichannel marketing strategy, which allows your channels to feed into each other – and feed the customer lifecycle – will help your audience to find you in the digital spaces where they spend most of their time.

Find out more about integrating your marketing channels here: Why Integrating Your Marketing Channels is Key to Retail Success.

Wrap up

Successful email marketing strategies are agile ones and by continually refining your nurturing process you're helping to increase customer retention and ensure lasting success.

Want to learn more about using mapping out your customer lifecycle with email marketing? Check out the free slides from our CEO Philip Storey's recent talk at BrightonSEO on How to Revolutionise the Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing and go make waves with email! 

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Enchant is a UK-based marketing agency, specialising in email marketing. We help brands improve performance and create fast impact by focusing on the customer lifecycle. If you need help with your email marketing strategy, get in touch and see how our marketing experts can help you. 

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

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