Merry Christmas: Our Advent Calendar for Email Marketers

Posted by Team Enchant on 09/11/15 10:13
Team Enchant

We're all ready for Christmas at Enchant! To celebrate, throughout November and December, our blog will be bringing marketers daily inspirational content and tactics to help create Christmas email marketing campaigns to delight your customers and lead to higher engagement and conversions. Think of it as an Advent calendar full of intelligent and insightful mini pressies.

One of the most common questions that clients ask is about how to approach email frequency over the holidays. Is increasing the volume of emails the right thing to do and will customers respond positively? Or will all the extra effort simply be lost in a heaving inbox?

We posed the question to Enchant Agency's Founder and CEO, Philip Storey. He had this to say on the subject of upping email frequency during this very crucial trading period:

“Absolutely, it's the right thing to do, but it always has to be a decision based on more than purely supporting the brand needs to increase the marketing and advertising efforts around holiday trading. It has to be specific to ramping up communication to individual prospects and customers.

So instead of simply cranking up the frequency, stop, think and be shrewd with targeting and segmentation. If you look at segmentation from an engagement point of view, it would be wise to focus on those prospective customers who are opening and clicking more often but are still yet to convert.

Then look at purchase patterns and which segments might be more lucrative for you there. One of these segments that is often overlooked, is those that bought at a similar time the year before - understanding and developing a proposition for seasonal purchasers can be very effective.

These are two very simple tactics that can be extremely effective when blended together.”

Get our next set of Christmas email planning tips with Day 2 of our Email Marketing Advent CalendarMerry Christmas email marketers!

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Written by Team Enchant

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