How to Leverage Storytelling in Marketing: We Buy Any Car Case Study

Posted by Philip Storey on 16/03/17 12:15
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How to leverage customer emotions with storytelling marketing | we buy any car

We Buy Any Car has been around since 2006 and there shouldn't be many UK consumers unaware of the branding. Their catchy (annoying) little ditty should be firmly implanted (bludgeoned) into your consciousness (and subconsciousness), much like the infamous opera-singing Go Compare adverts. However, a recent change in approach demonstrates a much more interesting dip into the waters of storytelling marketing.

Enchant discusses how We Buy Any Car smartly leveraged customer emotions with storytelling marketing and enhanced their brand messaging:

Tackling the "Why?"

The broad brand message from is that its offering does exactly what it says on the tin (or website) – to use Ronseal’s notorious and self-fulfilling tagline. But this only answers the “what” question for potential customers. The new messaging is about the “why” behind the brand. This is a key content marketing strategy called the Golden Circle, made famous by Simon Sinek.

We Buy Any Car’s own tagline is that it's “the UK’s favourite car buying service” – which is in itself taps into customer emotions. The claim is not purely about value, but instead it’s about being the nation’s "favourite". And why is We Buy Any Car the UK’s favourite car buying service? Well, they use customer voices to explain it and social proof to back it up.

The key themes are:

  • Ease of service
  • Competiveness on market value
  • Speed of process

The service is simple to use (“enter your reg number now”), there are over 200 stores nationwide, you will get a competitive price and payment is quick and efficient.

Expressing the problem and the solution

The problem is represented as a customer in need of a quick and easy way to sell their car, without having to spend time, energy and resources in finding a a buyer that will give them they they highest possible price for their vehicle.

We Buy Any Car offer the solution, as the business is honest enough to say that although it will offer a competitive price, it may not be the best price possible. But what the customer can expect is a swift, hassle-free option that can take their car off them for market value and put the money in their bank when they need it. expresses it all on its homepage. There are big, easy-to-read blocks of information, plenty of white (and coloured) space to let the key statements pop, whilst the CTA (call-to-action) buttons are big, bold and highly-actionable. Here are the CTA buttons below:

Enter your reg CTA button we buy any car storytelling marketing

Find your branch CTA button we buy any car storytelling marketing

Free valuation CTA button we buy any car storytelling marketing


There are clear claims, guarantees and reasons to use the service with nice tick icons evoking trust and authentication, whilst there are testimonials giving social proof and again leveraging emotions:

guarentees we buy any car storytelling marketing blog.png

Customer testimonials we buy any car storytelling marketing


Virtually all you need to know as a customer is on that homepage and We Buy Any Car knows it – the homepage doesn’t even need a navigation bar at the top of the page!

Showing brand transparency

So, to the videos and TV ads. The actors and actresses (or customers) on the adverts portray surprise that they are "allowed" to say the things they are saying, i.e. admitting that people looking to sell their car will likely get more money for their vehicle if they spend more time pursuing a better offer by other means. But they convey that it's a welcome surprise and refreshing honesty for a well-known brand to tell it like it is. The "customer" in the ad below talks about how the brand is "bonkers" to let him say what he is saying:

Wrap Up

It's refreshing to see a brand like We Buy Any Car demonstrate transparency with their latest campaigns, but a storytelling marketing approach shows that the business is customer-led and is clear about solving a consumer problem. Honesty and transparency are key components of good customer service and help improve customer experience and brand reputation.

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