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Posted by Philip Storey on 21/07/16 12:01
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There are many different reasons why customers engage with marketing content and marketers employ an array of tactics to boost this engagement. When it comes to CRO (conversion rate optimisation), your focus should be on the best way to get customers to click through to content and (CTAs) calls to action, which are often triggers to purchase.

Posing questions to your audience is a good way of encouraging intrigue and answering these questions can be your way to get them to convert. Enchant discusses how to ask questions of your customers and answer them with calls to action:

Catch your customers in buying mode

Whether you are delivering seasonal marketing content containing timely offers or targeting customers with content in response to lead-based triggers, the aim is to catch customers in buying mode. You need to optimise your content and CTAs to take advantage of customer touchpoints and maximise conversion rates.

Posing questions is a great way to hook customers in and get them thinking – and therefore engaging – and if you can deliver an answer or solution with your content and products or services, then you may be able to get them to convert.

The magic questions

So, what are the magic questions which can intrigue the customer enough to engage with your content? When you insert a question into an email marketing subject line or a paid social post on Twitter, you need the question to be relevant to your audience and your brand, whilst relatable for your products and services. Your prospect should want the answer to the question you are posing and your content should be able to deliver it via CTAs, leading to products or offerings the customer needs.

Retail brands, for example, are in a great position to pose these magic questions to consumers and deliver the answer with the array of products. Taking a hypothetical example of an clothing store or brand, here are a few questions that could be posed to customers in email marketing content or on social media:

Looking to cool off this summer?

Your answer could be to give the customer a range of swimwear options and deals to click through to your website.

Want to get free delivery on your orders?

You could deliver an offer in your content that gives customers free delivery over £25 or £50, with a CTA button leading to your website or a particular range of clothing.

Do you need to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank?

This could lead to content that is offering discounts on a range of products.

Questions as calls to actions

You could be more specific with your questions if necessary and the following examples show how your questions can almost take the form of calls to action in themselves:

Do you want 20% off top-brand sunglasses this summer?

How does free delivery sound? Spend £50 today and pay nothing for post and packaging!

Can’t find anything nice to wear that fits? We cater for all shapes and sizes!

Get customer feedback and use it to optimise content

Good digital marketing campaigns are driven by rich data and insights about customer behaviours and online activities. These insights will help you to hone your magic questions. A great way to bolster your insights and strategy is to proactively ask for customer feedback as part of your ongoing optimisation process.

You can add data capture forms and interactive survey features in your marketing content, which can ask customers and subscribers what they are looking to get from your content and what problems they need solving that are relevant to your brand's industry.

The feedback should be related to things like common consumer bugbears, favourite products, reasons for buying certain products (and reasons for not buying), and customer experience pros and cons. Another way of capturing customer feedback is by having an FAQ on your website. This is an easy-win. You have ready-made questions and queries for which, where possible, your marketing content can offer customers a solution.


Asking questions of your audience is one of many engagement tactics to utilise in your marketing strategy. Those magic questions that convince customers that they are in need of the answer, can really help to get them into buying mode. If your CTAs are bold and relevant, then you will see an increase in conversions.

Make sure to conduct extensive research and analyse your data and insights to focus your content on what your audience wants. Then your aim is to ask the questions of your customers that they need answering and that your content and offerings can provide.

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