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Posted by Rowland Marsh on 03/11/16 17:58
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If you're considering adding Pinterest to your marketing mix, or you currently use Pinterest but want to start promoting on the channel, it's a good idea to assess how it could benefit your business. Pinterest canmay not be able to boast the user base of social networking giants, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but it does have certain advantages for retailers – especially those in the fashion and homeware industries. Users come to Pinterest for visual inspiration, and “Buyable Pins” are just one way to catch customers in a key stage in the buyer’s journey. Here is Enchant’s brief guide to getting started with Pinterest promoted pins:

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest has strong recent growth figures, with 135% growth in user base in 2015 and now has over 100 million active users worldwide. This is a channel which is seeing an increased business presence, with the capabilities for monetising content evolving all the time. Paid and organic pins sit well together and sponsored campaigns are less intrusive for users than on other social channels.

According to Social Draft, 75% of Pinterest users have purchased something on the platform or because of the platform, so it is a good channel for giving users great ideas and visual inspiration, as well as enabling browsers to convert into customers.

Take advantage of video pins

As with Instagram – which has updated functionality to respond to the growth of video marketing – Pinterest is moving with the times and encouraging video content. They recently introduced promoted video pins, which comprises of GIFs that open up into full videos when users click on the pins. These promoted pins can be accompanied by a carousel of pins beneath the video, which can help boost engagement with the video, cross promote and enhance SEO.

This opens up a whole new area of potential for businesses to build a presence on the channel and take advantage of new paid social opportunities.

Align your goals with the benefits of the channel

You can promote pins on Pinterest according to three categories, which are engagement, awareness and traffic. Be clear about your objectives and goals before planning your paid campaigns on the channel. Brand awareness campaigns allow you to promote pins to target audiences, with costs based on impressions. With engagement campaigns, you pay each time users engage, e.g. clicks, repins and saves. Traffic campaigns are all about paying per click-throughs from your promoted pins.

The great thing about promoted pins is that if users click on a promoted pin of yours that has been shared, it does not cost you.

Pinterest has revealed that promoted campaigns enjoy, on average, 30% free engagement.

This is a good incentive to promote your business on Pinterest.

Think about your audience compared with the demographics of Pinterest’s user base. Approximately 60% of Pinterest users are based in the United States, whilst around 85% of users are female. So, be sure that your brand and products are a good fit for the channel.

Consider Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins were the precursor to the improved capabilities for business activity on Pinterest. Buyable Pins allow users to purchase pinned products directly via the platform. They are supported by Rich Pins data and you can add short product descriptions, URLs and keywords, to provide users appropriate supporting information and give brands the ability to add tags and enhance their SEO.

Split test your campaigns

As you would expect, Pinterest has analytics that allow businesses to measure the performance of their promoted campaigns. You can split test your campaigns across the different campaign types, to establish which is the most cost-effective for your brand and its content. Tweak and optimise your campaigns, responding to analytics and insights from your testing. You can change your audience targeting and different elements of your campaign before committing further budget.

It's worth testing organically too and getting a feel for the engagement from users with your test pins. Then you can promote those pins that achieve the most organic engagement.


These tips should give you the basics for understanding whether to dip your toes into the water with Pinterest, deciding if the channel is a good fit for your business and thinking about the main things to consider when getting started with promoted pins and paid campaigns.

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