Facebook & Twitter Fight For the Same Curated Content-Hungry Audience. What's Next?

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 29/10/15 11:51

You will likely be familiar with the saying ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. This famous 1824 quote from Charles Caleb Colton can most definitely be applied, tongue-in-cheek to the 21st Century world of social media.

There is a huge amount of imitation and competition going on between the two social media giants Twitter and Facebook. This battle royale is fascinating to watch.

Earlier this month, Twitter launched ‘Moments’ which takes an almost editorial view of Twitter and highlights the most talked about stories of the day. Designed to attract people who have tried the app but haven’t had it resonate, ‘Moments’ is a big push to grab this audience back with easier to navigate content. But will it be their last big push? Let’s watch that this space doesn’t go the way of ‘Myspace’.

Meanwhile over at Facebook, the announcement came that a dedicated news channel called ’Notify’ will be launching at the end of this month. A response to Twitter's ‘Moments’, it is also a clear challenge to Google’s domination of the news traffic market. Most importantly, Notify will be a bonafide news feed and not just reflect what the social media masses deem to be newsworthy. I honestly think this will turn out to be a much more interesting battle between Facebook and Google so I’m grabbing my sweet and salty popcorn and sitting back to watch it all unfold.

Here are a few more examples of copy-cat social media games. What are your thoughts on whom will emerge triumphant?

  • Twitter and Vine vs Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter Lead Generation Cards vs Facebook Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences
  • Twitter one click buy button vs Facebook does an about-face after dropping F-commerce and Facebook coins ages ago
  • Twitter acquires Periscope vs Facebook launching Facebook Live - changes alogrithm to show video at a higher ratio

Expect more patterns from these two, for the foreseeable future. What are your predictions for the future of how these two social networks will compete? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sarah Perrin

Written by Sarah Perrin

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