5 Essential Tips for Optimising Facebook Ad Campaigns

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 01/05/18 09:49
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essential tips to optimise facebook ads

Many businesses are now starting to realise the important role that paid social plays in attracting and new prospects and converting more customers. This is especially true of Facebook, so if you want to see big ROI through Facebook advertising, you need to make sure your campaigns are well planned and well optimised.

Here, we've outlined 5 essential tips and tactics for optimising Facebook ad campaigns:

1. Consider advertising fundamentals

Whether you're promoting products and services via TV, print advertising, digital or even billboards, the principles of advertising remain the same. Don't forget the fundamentals that make up a successful ad campaign, as they still apply to promoting your brand via paid social channels.

You’re up against a whole host of other brands in the marketplace. It doesn't matter whether you're a big or small business, your creative needs to look amazing. For your ads to cut through the noise on social media, your campaign needs the following things:

  • A compelling tagline
  • Visually-engaging creative
  • A clear message about the benefit of your product/services
  • Brand storytelling

Here are a couple of quotes from Sir John Hegarty that encapsulate the role of advertising and branding:

“Advertising is far more than just a communications industry. It's a problem-solving industry."

“The first lesson of branding: memorability. It's very difficult buying something you can't remember.”

2. Leverage the power of video

You need to be using video in your paid social ad campaigns. Put aside doubts about whether video is the right form of media for your brand and its products. Get out of this mindset – video is the now and the future.

There are creative ways to use video to be relevant to your audience. Whether you have customers and influencers talking about your products, members of your business talking about your brand, or shoots of your products in action, there's video content to be captured and promoted!

Take a look at this series of stills Eve Sleep's recent Facebook ad, which not only uses video in a clever way, it includes social proof, leverages influencers, shows product unboxing and carries an attractive offer and discount code in its call to action: 

Facebook ads paid social campaign Eve Sleep

The video consists of an influencer (from the Lipstick Fever blog) giving her reasons for switching mattresses and the reasons for choosing Eve Sleep...

Facebook ads paid social Eve Sleep

...whilst the featured influencer unboxes and tries out the mattress, showing its benefits   in particular the comfort!

Facebook ads paid social campaign from Eve Sleep

It's a captivating video, demonstrating the problem, the solution and the results. And here is the full video ad from YouTube. You can see how this unboxing video has been enhanced by the testimonial on the Facebook ad.

Using video is the most engaging form of content available to social media marketers and it will drive conversions for your Facebook ads, creating more of an impact than static images and even the carousel ad format. 

3. Get your targeting right 

Effective targeting goes hand-in-hand with compelling creative, as you'll need to get both right if you want to succeed with Facebook advertising. It's so important to target the right audience with paid social ads to get the engagement and ROI you're hoping for. This is something a lot of social media marketers get wrong.

Don’t just focus on lookalike audiences, as they're unlikely to get you the results you want. Consider targeting your key personas (ideal customers), according to locations, profile, interests, etc. If you've not already scoped out your personas, do this before jumping into your campaigns. Do the required research and strategic planning to understand your audience better and use these insights to dictate your Facebook ad targeting.

4. Retarget using the Facebook Pixel

Retargeting ads are crucial for converting engaged prospects who are in buying mode.

Use the Facebook Pixel to drill down into your data and create granular targeting to display ads to the people who've taken actions on your website and engaged with your content – if you're a retailer this includes basket abandonment and browse abandonment ads.

Facebook Pixel paid social

Our friends at the ecommerce consultancy Space 48 created a handy guide to installing and utilising the Facebook Pixel to drive more conversions.

5. Always test and improve campaigns

A lot of brands seem allergic to testing, but testing is always your friend. If you don't test every campaign, it will take you a lot longer to reach the desired return on investment. Most brands just run campaigns and report on the results. This is a missed opportunity and prevents you from getting more meaningful insights.

Think about what you want to test from the start of your campaign planning. Consider testing the following elements:

  • Length of video
  • Length of copy
  • Tone of copy
  • Images/creative
  • CTAs
  • Video vs carousels vs static images
  • Placement
  • Targeting
  • Facebook vs instagram

If you’re running just one campaign, consider 20 different ad versions. This might sound like a lot, but trust us, we've worked with brands who've tested 1000s of variations! The more insights you gain from your ad campaigns, the better results you'll get in the future.

Wrapping up

We hope you found these tips for optimising your Facebook ads helpful. The optimisation process is an ongoing one, which helps you improve your paid social campaigns. Paid social advertising is an essential channel for businesses to reach their audience, especially since Facebook killed organic reach for businesses with its algorithm update. Start creating compelling Facebook ads and drive great results and ROI.

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