Effective Email Campaign Planning at Christmas: Advent Calendar Day 5

Posted by Team Enchant on 17/11/15 01:00
Team Enchant

Planning your email marketing campaigns throughout the holidays can be a daunting task. When is the right time to be really targeted? When can you afford to target a little more broadly? How do you manage overlapping frequency? These are just some of the questions we are frequently asked. In this blog, we'll give you three top tips for effective email marketing for Christmas campaigns:

1. Plan backwards

Simply put, instead of planning your Christmas campaign from today, plan from the end of your campaign. This may require you to look all the way forward into February. This alternative way of planning can be really helpful in identifying some key dates that you may have otherwise missed.

Once you have your email marketing campaign plan, make sure you plan a forecast for engagement, traffic and conversions. If it's not on-plan, you'll need to re-think things a little further.

2. Plan swarm campaigns around important dates

Your last shipping date, Black Friday, Boxing Day - these are just some of the really important dates that you'll likely want to be planning for in a big way. Look at these as swarm campaigns. Swarm campaigns are where you make extraordinary efforts to drive traffic and revenue from campaigns.

This will mean a big increase in campaigns, retargeting engagers that don't convert and making sure that any purchasers come back a second time and also recommend you to their friends. It sounds complex, but really isn't. Almost any email marketing platform can do this.

3. Be prepared to pivot your strategy at any time

This one is a pro tip, so to speak. If you create a set-in-stone strategy that you promise to deliver to your company, you are taking a massive risk. If you plan a strategy that is monitored so carefully, that any risk of failure or under-performance can be identified immediately, you're going to sleep a whole lot better throughout the holiday season!

Make sure you're in a position to analyse and pivot your strategy at any moment. One example of this could be, that you decided to send three campaigns a week to your most engaged segment throughout the holidays. They are engaging further, but not converting as expected. The two most obvious areas to look at improving will be value proposition and frequency. Make sure that your strategy is nimble enough to cater for strategic pivots.


We hope you found these effective email marketing planning tips for Christmas useful and you're ready to get prepped for your Xmas campaigns. If you want more Christmas email marketing ideas, check out our 5 festive tips to boost your Christmas email marketing campaigns.

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