Email Advent Calendar Day 4: Marketing Personalisation over Christmas

Posted by Team Enchant on 16/11/15 15:20
Team Enchant

When your campaign frequency increases over the holidays, you need to keep your content fresh, engaging and exciting. One way to do this, is through personalisation. It doesn't have to be complex, as a little personalisation can go a long way at this time of the year.

Here are our three top tips to personalise your email marketing campaigns through the holiday season:

1. Address people by their name

Use first names or last names to really grab attention. This is particularly effective for brands that don't usually do this throughout the rest of the year - this could be the one, simple thing that really makes you stand out at this time of year.

You can weave them into subject lines, headlines and even into product proposition tables to really add that personal touch.

2. Weave in relevant products or content

There is no better form of email marketing personalisation than getting product and content recommendations tailored to your customer's interests and desires. Take it one step further by also including content that relates to recent purchases or engagement patterns across products and categories. There's a fallacy that this is difficult to do. There will be something you can do today that will add a lot of value to the customer experience.

3. Be personable & persuasive

This one is straight out of the text book when it comes to writing persuasive copy for email marketing. Think about how you use persuasion tactics to round your proposition - loss aversion is popular at this time of year, as is social proof. Never had an email subscriber exclusive? Not tried including reviews in your emails? Now is the time!

Email marketing personalisation at Christmas is a no-brainer for increasing engagement.

Stay tuned to our email marketing Advent calendar series. Next up, our top tips for effective email marketing planning over Christmas.

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Team Enchant

Written by Team Enchant

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